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Traveling Aboard



Our Mexico Trip


I can’t tell you how old I was when my family traveled outside of the American board for my first time.  We took a trip to Canada, but it was before 9/11 and didn’t need a passport to exit or reenter the country from that border.  So when my husband first named the possibility of going to Mexico, I was a bit gobsmacked.

As the months passed and it looked like we were really were going to have the chance to go, I started the process to get us both passports.  It was a process.  But you don’t care about those logicists.  Frankly, I don’t either.  Just know that I was very nervous about getting it done and getting it done right.

When the hubby went on his annual company trip, it was confirmed that in January we would be traveling to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  I was excited, but it was also months away, so I tried to not think about it.  

Then January came, and I had to think about it.  We were going!  OMG.  Now first, let me explain, this was not just a vacation that we decided we were going on.  This was a reward for the extremely hard work my husband has put into his company and the great job he had done in the year for the company.  My husband went in early, came home late and busted his butt while he was there.  He took a store that was in trouble and turned it around to make it profitable.  He’s like in the top 20% of the company nationwide.  It’s pretty incredible to think about the work he’s done.  The pride I feel for him is overwhelming.  He is an amazing man.

So, he EARNED this trip.  An all expense paid trip to the Marriott Resort in Mexico.  The airfare, hotel accommodations, meals and drinks through the day.


We left Friday morning, Roger was kind enough to be at our house 3:20 am to get us to the airport in enough time to check in and all that.  Mom was amazing and was already at my house to be with the kids.  After a round of kisses, we were off on our trip.  We got to the airport and I was super nervous.  One. I was going to a foreign place.  Two. I hadn’t flown over a decade.  Three.  I already felt sick to my stomach from lack of eating a proper supper.  The airport was the airport.  We left from Concourse A; which happened to be the concourse that I ran all over the summer after my freshman year working.  But man, it was different.  They have really upgraded the airport.  I mean, that was ten years ago, so I am not surprised, but whatever.  Finally, we had boarded the plane and were off.  Flying into Houston, Texas; a place I’ve also had never been to before.  We were flying before the sun had risen, so seeing the sunrise about the clouds, well that is a view that is just incredible.



In Houston, we went to our next gate and hung out eating some snacks.  Boarding again, I knew when we landed we would be in a different country.  When we were coming into our landing in Houston, you could see all the roads and buildings.  It was the typical city from the air.  But when we landed into PV it was a different world. The roads we saw from above were primarily dirt roads.  Now they did have paved roads throughout the main part of the city, but the overall landscape showed dirt paths.  But what was amazing was the mountains.  Now I have seen the Great Smokies.  And they are large and incredible.  But the mountains as we came into land were just different.  They were more grand, larger, beautiful.  My pictures really don’t do it justice.



The landing was easy, the flight hadn’t been as terrible as it could have been. And once we breezed through customs we were to head to the greeters who’d take us to the hotel.  But first, we had to pass through the Shark Tank.  This was the scariest part of the trip.  Phil had our suitcase, I had our carry on and we walked with our group into this room full of people who was trying to make a sale.  They were like a crazed and vicious dog.  They were yelling about having our travel arrangements and having to pay a tax for it.  And all this other crazy stuff.  No was not the answer they wanted to hear, and I felt tired after getting through to the room.  Once we were out, we loaded into the bus and took a ten-minute ride on the CRAZIEST road to the hotel.  They drive so differently.  People are cut off, speeding, changing lanes.  You think Ohioans can’t drive well, let me tell you they are saints compared to the crazy Mexican drivers I witnessed.

Walking up to the hotel from our van was a relief.  But it was weird.  Any hotel I’ve ever been to has had a door to walk through.  Not there, though.  It was an archway.  The lobby was open aired.  And from the second I was through it I could feel the ocean breeze hitting my face. The hotel was grand and wonderful and had all these beautiful flowers everywhere.  Once we got into our room, we took a stroll on the beach.  I finally have had my feet in the Pacific Ocean.


The beach was rocky.  It would have stretches of sand that were peppered with tiny rocks and then there were be these massive big rocks that the water hit.  I’d never seen that in my limited beach trips.  That night I started to feel sick (I assume from the travel and lack of eating proper meals) but that didn’t stop me from enjoying the dinner that Phil’s company had arranged.  Each manager that was there was recognized for their achievements.  But the organizers took the time to recognize the spouses for their part of it.  Which I had to say felt very nice.  I sometimes feel like I’m not that important because I only run the house.  But I run our family, while he runs his business. And that is important.  They were also thankful that we put up with them being gone for so long.  I liked that they did that.


On Day Two, Saturday,  I felt much better.  Thank God.  We got up and had an amazing breakfast.  It was buffet style and had a lot of choices I recognized.  It had some weird choices and I just avoided them.  I stuck with food I knew for that morning since I was afraid to tempt fate too much.  We traded our American dollars for Mexican peso and felt like we were rich.  Since $200 equaled over 4,000 pesos.  Then in a group of 8, we went to the boardwalk.  This place was very beautiful.  And had many shops where we spend those pesos.  Getting a small gift for loved ones.  There were all kinds of strange statues and nifty things to see.  The thing that really got me, was there was very few blocking.  It was all open, even when it was a straight drop down.  There was no fences or anything.  Like even with the statues there was no don’t touch type of deal.  There was one statue that was a ladder straight up, and people were climbing it.  I was like, seriously, why?

My favorite part of walking on the boardwalk was going into this cathedral.  It was gorgeous.  It had all these statues and carvings that were just impressive.


I know, it’s a lot of pictures.  But it was a beautiful place.  Once we got back from town we hung out in the pool with a group until it was time to get ready for our dinner reservations.  We ate at Mikado, which was hibachi.  (We made a point to eat at all 4 resort restaurants.)  It was a fun evening we met up with another couple and just had a good night full of laughs.  It was good food, and it was so filling, but it wasn’t quite the hibachi that we are used to.  Since it wasn’t overloaded with soy sauce.  There was also no yum-yum sauce.  So that was crazy.  We spend the rest of the night sitting in the lobby bar hanging out.  They had a live duo playing songs and it was just a nice night.


Day Three, Sunday was a new experience we got up, had room service for breakfast.  The french toast was good, even with the raisins in it.  Then after a bit of indecision, we went off to the spa to have back messages.  I spent time in the steam, the sauna and the jacuzzi.  Then had my back pampered and it was perfect.  That night was the real treat.  A huge group of us, (24) loaded into two mini busses and took an hour drive up a mountain to a restaurant called Le Kliff.  It was built into the side of the mountain and made with the idea of a wonderful view at dinner.


This night was wonderful.   It was just great to sit around with other adults and eating fancy food.  The crazy thing was they gave you a cup and pour a bottle of water into it.  All fancy like, but they also put a random piece of fruit in it.  Some had cucumber, some had grapefruit and on and on.  They didn’t ask you want you wanted either, they just gave it to you.  I had beef medallions and they were yummy. There were these weird animals that I had never seen before coming into the restaurant.  A lot of our group went and played with them. Phil said they were like cats.  But others described them as possums.  So I stayed far, far away.  Though it was cool how friendly they were.    The ride back was insane because there were no traffic lights.  There were no street lights.  It was just lit by headlights.  I sort of just held on to Phil and tried to not worry.   That night was just chill time in the hotel lobby again.  We watched the BJ Penn fight on UFC on the TVs and that was disappointing.


Day Four, Monday was our last day there.  I spent the morning packing and then we went and had breakfast.  There was just a lot of downtime as we were prepping to come back.  We loaded onto a bus and went to the airport.  It was a much easier time to go into that airport.  Then we hung out forever until our flight.   That flight was the hardest flight of the entire trip.  It was long.  I was uncomfortable.  I was so fidgety.  I read over 200 pages to attempt to calm myself.  We were on time until we hit the Chicago then due to weather we were in a holding pattern.  Coming down to land was rough and it made me feel lightheaded.  Once we landed we literally had 30 minutes to go through customs, get our bag, recheck our bag, go to Terminal One to go through security, get to Terminal Two and board out flight.  And we made it JUST IN TIME.  It was very close.  Landing at the home airport was nice.  It was just good to be home.  Roger drove us back home.  Where my boys were still sitting up.  The trip was incredible.  It was a once in a lifetime experience and I’m so thankful that I was able to go.  I’m thankful to my parents for keeping my kids.  Knowing they were in safe hands, made it easier to relax.  I have to say, anyone who gets the chance, should go.  Go have a fun trip.

Here is a gallery of all my photos:

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And that is all.


Throwback Thursday



Check out this memory:





Camping Trip to Dale Hollow Lake
Random Playground



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Thursday Throwback

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DSCN1506 DSCN1486 DSCN1460 DSCN1441

Some stills from our vacation to Dale Hollow Lake

with Becky and Tyler.

August 2010.

Happy Thursday.

Dino World

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Today my family took a little drive up the interstate to visit dino world.  We have driven pass it so many times on our trips to and from home to home.  So, it was nice to see what it was.

Haylie manned the camera most of the time, so I was pretty worried the pictures would be just crazy, but there are some really go ones, some of just people we have no clue who they are, and some pretty funny ones.

It was hot, so very hot.  But the path you walk was in shade thankfully, and it was overall not too terrible.  The best part was just being out, hanging with the family.  Watching Haylie be so excited over everything.

I know this post is mostly just rambling.  But I had a good day, exhausting day, but a good day.

Now pictures from the day


Well that is all, hope you all had a great Saturday….


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so I was looking over my recent drafts section.  you know the blog post that you start and never finish or post.  and I see a post entitled farts. so I open it to read whatever I deemed to put under the title of farts,  and it was blank.  I last edited this on April 16th of this year.  So who knows what I was thinking.


It is now June 29th and I’ve excited because Lady Antebellum released their new music video for their latest single, Wanted You More.  I love the song, so seeing the video made my day a bit better.  You should check it out.

Wanted You More, Lady Antebellum


I was hoping to blog more over the summer, my wonderful friend Seanna has a great writing blog, and she updates it like every day, maybe twice a day.  I just don’t know how she does it.  But since she blogs daily, and I fail at it, I figured I’d give her a shout out.  Here is a link to her blog,, check it out.  I especially loved her toolbox picture montage today.

Moving on.

June is basically over and I look back and have to ask myself: What have I done?  The answer is nothing I wanted to have done.  I really have been so uber lazy when it comes to the summer to-do list.  But I do have to say that I’ve read half of Eldest.  Actually over half, I do believe that if I read an hour a day I should have it finished by Wednesday.

Two Hours later:

Well now I’m not sure, about finishing the book, I just caved and joined pinterest and now its 2 hours later, and all I’ve done is scroll down the page.  It is also proving very hard to stay focused on this blog post. So if that site is as addicting as my tumblr page is, I’m gonna have to shut the computer down tonight and not turn it on tomorrow.

It also doesn’t help that Haylie had another “I’m gonna be a baby moment” which is fine, I’m trying very hard to be completely one hundred percent patient with her, and give her the attention when she needs it  making  blogging extremely hard today.  Also I had to stop and try hard not to beat my dog.

Long story time: A few weeks ago Phil asked me to bring him the external hard drive along with my laptop to his work, this was no problem I unhooked it from the back of the computer and took it there.  When he brought it home there was no immediate need to put it back, so I left it sit.  Well when he was looking for his resume he hooked it back up.  But he didn’t put it in the right spot.  he stretched it across the living room.  I’ve been not feeling good today so I’ve been sitting here at the computer and dealing with the kids, well while I was working on cleaning the bottle nipples for Lucas, Lucy the dumb mutt dog that i want to kill chewed completely through the power cord…..Haylie comes and says mommy Lucy is chewing on something, and that was when i came into the living room to see what the mutt had down.  I’m furious now and I really blame Phil.  For his laziness of not putting it where it belongs.  I have so much to do in the house, can’t he just put something where it belongs.

Moving on.

We had Lucas dedicated on Sunday.  June 24th.  This was very special and important to us.  It was great to be able to have him dedicated in the church I grew up in.  That church and more importantly the people there have always meant so much to me, I’m glad that even though I can’t be there every service that it is still home.  That they are always there for me when I need them.

and now another two hours later:

I just fried pork chops.  this seems like no big deal, but i normally get the cheap boneless pork chops from Kroger and just bake them. and they aren’t that great at all. but these chops were from my brother in laws pig roast last saturday.  needless to say they are fairly amazing.

there is more to blog about and to say, but for now:


that is all.

Summer is HERE!!!

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For your entertainment pleasure….I present a list blog.

1.  Summer is here, thank GOD!
I have been so ready for the lack of school for so long, and finally here i am.  No more classes, no more assignments, no more….until August.  Do you know how happy I am about this?  I’m thrilled.  I haven’t been this happy in so long to not have to go to school.  I’m gonna miss it.  I know that.  I always do.  It’s the people not the work.  This time I’m loosing so many good people in my life, they are graduating and leaving.  I still have many people who I will have.  Which I’m thankful for.  Extremely thankful.  But there are a few people who are moving on with their life and I will be very sad to see go.  But back to the point, school is on break.  Meaning I finally have time to read books, clean, re-arrange, and the other things that I can’t do during school time.  Because I am so busy.

2. Baby is 16 days away
Ever since I found out I was going to have another baby, I’ve been looking forward to his arrival.  If you have missed this memo, I’m having a baby, he will be here May 28th.  Unless he comes before hand.  With Haylie there were complications and we ended up having to have an emergency c section…..Not something I wanted to do, nor planned on but alas that is how she was born.  When the doctor and I talked about baby #2’s arrival we talked about attempting to do a natural birth, but since there are more risks with that and the fact that the same factors are in play (ie my body) I was encouraged to do a c section.  Honestly it works out better since the family is traveling down to be here for baby’s birth.  It helps to make a plan.  I’m so excited for him to be here.  I really can’t wait to hold him in my arms and count all his little toes.  I am so excited for him.
Haylie is too, though I don’t think she understand just how different things will be.   I know she has some idea because of the way she has been so clingy, but it is going to be so different.

3.  Rehired
I was rehired for both the Talisman and the Herald.  I’m very happy that I will be able to work at both places for my final semester at school.  I’m hoping to really expand and build all my skills this last semester to really help me get a job after I graduate.  Gosh that is such a scary thought, finally getting hired somewhere that would classify as a big girl job.

4. List
I have been making list for a long time now.  To-do list which I like to call problem list.  Which today has been no different, I created a summer pre-baby to-do list.   It isn’t really all that long, which surprises me,  but it is very detailed.  I have a ton of things to do before this little one gets here. So that I can be semi-lazy once he arrives.  I really want the house to be in tip-top shape so while I recover I don’t have too much to worry about with it.

5. This Blog is now old.
I’ve been working on this sporadically as I sit at my computer. So where I started this like three days ago, things are already changing.  IE  Baby is now 13 days away….Oy now I’m just really awful….the baby is now five days away…..Making today the twenty-third of may…..I have fail boated on getting this blog posted properly.

6.  Last night
I did a lasagna night.   Which means I made lasagna, had rabbit food makings and then made dessert–a marble swirl cheesecake–and invited a few people over.   The night was a huge success.  I had so much fun.    After dinner we played Halo, and I laughed so hard.  It was just fun.  I haven’t had fun like that in forever.  To just laugh at the craziness of boys playing video games, and girls who have never really played before.  I’m so Laura had the best reaction.  She would physically jump or hid behind her arms.  It was just funny.  I love having fun like that.

7. Crazy LADY
Yes, I am a crazy lady, I’ve been cleaning like one anyway.  I know why.  I totally get it.  But it’s still really funny to step back and see how crazy I’m being.  Like a few nights ago I took 45 mins to clean doors.  WHY?  Because that is sorta insane  it’s not like they were filthy or anything–though, they look really good now– it’s just nesting.  I totally get it.   My house has never looked better either.  Well not all the rooms at the same time. The bathrooms, bedrooms, living room, kitchen…..ALL SHINY!  Even after last night, where you’d expect, and under normal conditions, the dishes would still be in the sink, I mean it is only 9:22 am (as of now)  there would be the trash still where everyone left it.  But nope, my crazy butt has already loaded and am running the dish washer so that I can get the dishes put away.  I’ve already scrubbed down all the counter tops and swept up all the crumbs. Cleaned the living room from any left over items.  Just trying really hard to keep it all clean.   It’s like pre-period cleaning to a whole new degree.

8. Reading
I haven’t started my summer reading yet.  I know it is because I’ve been to crazy cleaning.  But I only have summer for pleasure reading and I just haven’t started yet.  Which is really sad and unfortunate because I have about fifty books on my list that I want to finish before I go back to school.  It is a good reading list too.  Everything from Molly McCaffrey to TJ Lutgring to JD Salinger to Jane Austin.  It promises to be a great reading time.  It is just a matter of starting it I suppose.

9. Nap
I need a nap.  I went to bed around midnight and was up at 645ish this morning.  Having fun does come at a price.  Lack of sleep.  Something that I shouldn’t deprive myself of.  Because I start to go crazier than my normal level of maciena crazy.  Then I do stupid things like miss spell my own name and not make any lick of sense in my blog.  But then again I never have claimed to make sense of any kind when it comes to the blog since I use this as a diary of sorts.  Though I shouldn’t use it as that because while I know only a handful of people even look at it.  It still isn’t good to put intimate feelings in the internet world.  It really does come back to bite you in the butt.

10. Last point.
The end.
That is all.
Hope everyone is having a good summer thus far.
And now for reals.

Spring Break Blues

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I love spring break.  It’s better than fall break, winter break, and almost better than summer break.  Not quite better than summer, but a close second.

Spring Break there is no obligations.  Only trips and free time.  You don’t have to care about anything. That is why spring break is so amazing.  Plus it is a full week, not like fall break.  That is my expectation of Spring Break.

However.  That is sadly not the case.  This spring break I have 3, yes 3 huge projects.  Like many days of work.  My spring break is being spent calculating grave goods.  writing a portfolio and figuring out what disturbing content is. Along with re-doing my “road map” outline for the dumb awful class.  Spring break is nothing but a working week without class.  I’d like to protest this notion but what good would it do me.

That along with still getting up at 6:30 every single day is making this spring break just awful.

Therefore my title is relevant.  I’ve got some spring break blues.


I know I do not upkeep this  blog as often as I should, or truthfully as often as I would like.  I think about blogging almost daily.  It is always just a question of time and energy.

I have so much going on that I think should be documented in some fashion but it’s just hard to set the time aside.


Since I’m not sure if I blogged on this subject: We got a dog.  She is a sweet Dalmatian puppy.  Her name is Lucy.  But I swear she has feline DNA.   She tries to sit in window sills.  Also acts very cattish when it comes to sleeping and various other things.  It’s kind of adorable.  Phil does like cats so he completely enamored by the sweet pup. He’ll get down in the floor and play with her, for at least an hour or two nightly.  Haylie is in love too, except that she is also completely jealous of her.  It’s a fine line between love and hate with Haylie.  She wants to take care and play with the puppy, but the puppy has to keep her paws in line, because if she gets too much of the parental attention Haylie gets upset.

We’ve had her for about two months now, (I think? I’m really not sure) and we are all still trying to adjust to each other.

With the warm weather and the shedding of the fur, my allergies aren’t a fan of the puppy, but I heart her, so I’m trying to deal.  So that is the puppy update.


Phil and I have been slowly re-working our house.  Getting better/newer furniture.  We have one more piece and our living room will be done.  We are trying so hard to de-clutter and make our living space as nice as possible.

It has been working well. It’s just a matter of getting time to really work on it, and not being exhausted.  I fear though that by time we have it all done, it will be time to pack and move again.  Which honestly I’m looking forward to. I love school, and Bowling Green.  But I’m tired of being away. We were away in NC, and now away in BG.  Both were valid reasoning but I’m just ready to own a house, and be settled in for a long time.  Get into a routine that does not include me going to school, but a job.  A real job.  A big girl job.  Writing for a paper, doing research for anthropology.  Whatever.  I just am done sitting here prepping for it all.  I want to have a degree.  I want to move on.  Classical done with school thoughts.  I just have to hold on until December.  I’ll be a graduate in December.  Just have to maintain the present course for a bit longer.  Which isn’t a problem.  I’m just ready for that change.


So now on to the topic of how awful it was sitting here in BG knowing that my family could have used me.  The tornadoes that hit on Friday hit my hometown of Piner.  It destroyed so much. It didn’t hit my parent, grandma’s or aunt house.  But it take out a shed, and garage.  Along with busting out all the windows in Rylynn’s old house.  I just am thankful that my family is all safe and sound. But my heart breaks in ways I can’t think of describing for those who lost everything material.  So many people there I’ve known for so long are just trying to pick up the pieces.  Like Mrs. Whaley’s house, it’s gone basically.  She taught me in school.  (not my direct teacher, but worked with Mrs. Wolfe)  I hear Mrs. Wolfe’s son’s house was badly damaged.  A girl I went to school with though we weren’t close but my mom worked intensely with her sister in elementary school, they lost all.  Or that is my assumption based on pictures I’ve seen.

The news coverage and the pictures I’ve seen has just hurt so much because that is where I’m from, my life started there.  It doesn’t help that Haylie has seen the pics and was so worried about our family.  Asking over and over again about certain people’s houses. My confirmation wasn’t good enough, Daddy had to confirm for her all was well as far as our family was concerned. I’m just praying for all the people effective.  It’s all I can do, Mom won’t let me come home.  She told me no.  And I’m being a good daughter and listening. It doesn’t happen often so.  I’m just really sad for my hometown right now.


Well this has been a mighty big blog.  So I’ll end it here.  I’m sure I could continue rambling for a bit more. But I gonna attempt to go back to the schoolwork.  Hope you all are having a great day.

Leave a comment if you have something productive to say, not encouraging.  Productive.



that is all