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Book Review



I Finished A Book


Yes, I did.  I finished the first book of 2017 and it wasn’t terrible.  I have a Goodreads goal of reading  40 books this year, and I’m down to needing only 39 more.  It’s a good feeling knocking that first one off the list.


While you can check out my Goodreads page to see my review, I decided to put it here as well.  Every word for word.


The first book read:  The Chemist by Stephenie Meyer



After many moments of not liking this story. I’m happy to report that I liked the way the story played out. There were a few things that made me crazy, i.e. the MC name changing frequently. While I understood it, it annoyed me. Also, feeling that the characters were too familiar to those of “Twilight.” Especially when it came to the love story.

Also, there were parts of the story, where it felt like it should have been a straightforward love story instead of this action/adventure love combo. For me, it felt as if these two stories should not have been mashed together, up until the end, when I was super happy with the way it had played out.

“The Chemist” had its good points as well. The last ten chapters, it was hard to put the book down. I became invested in the characters and needed to know their ending. I needed to know if the MC would be able to pull it all off since the skills and knowledge were not 100% the best. Old movies and books are where she had picked up her training in other matters. The epilogue really sealed the deal. I was satisfied with the ending of these characters. It felt natural to its conclusion.

At the end of the day, I would read this story again, while I’m not in love with it like I have been with other tales, it was good. I liked it.


and frankly.


that is all.




a list post

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So just a few things.  

  1. I picked up a book yesterday and read it all but twenty pages, so I finished that this morning.  Feeling really good about that. 
  2. I also started playing video games again yesterday.  Need For Speed Most Wanted (the newer one) I forgot how much fun it was to get into fake cop chases.
  3. I cleaned for two hours yesterday, and then took an hour and a half nap.  This is bad, but it felt good. 
  4. I ate lunch at school with Haylie today.  It was really fun, and the food wasn’t so bad either.  But I now know why Haylie is so hungry when she comes home after school. 
  5. I’m really angry with all the people on facebook who post food porn.  Whether it is a recipe or a picture of the food they are eating.  I’m so annoyed with it. 
  6. The rain today makes me happy and sad all at the same time.  I don’t understand that mix of emotion over rain. 
  7. I have so much work to do that making this blog is very unwise of me.
  8. On Lifetime they show they old episodes of Grey’s Anatomy.  I have a hard time watching the episodes with Dr. Burke because at the time it seems Cristina is the immature one in the relationship but now I know it was Dr. Burke, he tried (and succeeded in some ways) to force her to be what he wanted/demanded and didn’t see her for who she really was, and it took something from her.  She later revels that to Owen.  So now I don’t like Burke.  
  9.  I’m not caught up on GH but I have found out that some dead guy isn’t dead.  WHAT THE HECK?????  First AJ and now this dude.  It’s Days all over again.
  10. Papas French Cream eggs are the best ever. 
  11. My son sleeps in the most adorable ways ever. 
  12. I think I’m done now.


Have a great day!