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Obligatory Post


Because it’s My Birthday


That is right, when I woke up this morning, it was a day that celebrates me being born.  To mark another year on the third planet from the sun.  I’m now thirty-one and it’s not a milestone birthday or anything. But it is my birthday.

As anyone does when they come to a change, there is a time for reflection.  I like to reflect a lot.  Here is what I think about the last year of my life.  It was busy.  When I turned thirty I thought that finally, I’m an adult.  Which is really true.  My twenties were spent trying to figure things out.  And now that I’m thirty-one, I’m not sure if I have anything really figured out. But what I do know is that no matter how stressed out I get, life is really good.

Here is why my life is good.  I am a child of the King.  Thank God, Jesus died for me.  I’m forgiven.  That is the first reason my life is good.  Then there are other things.  I’m married to a wonderful man.  He works hard to provide for our family.  I have three kids whom I adore.  They are definitely a handful, but I’m blessed to have them.    I have a beautiful home.  A great support system in my family.   I have good friends.  I have a wonderful church that I get to call home.  I have things to do.  I have awesome blogs (journey of faith, tv watcher, aosfans) that make me happy to work on.  That have been getting really good feedback.  (Well AOS and TV Watcher are)

So on my 31st birthday; I’ve decided I’m going to make a list in my new journal, of the top 31 things I want to do this upcoming year.  I can’t wait to make this list…..


Life is good.  I’m excited to see what 31 brings me.


and that is all.


Thursday Throwback

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This tbt is being used to celebrate the one and only Lucas.  This sweet little monster of a man is 3 years old today.  I can’t believe it.  Happy Birthday little guy.  Mommy loves you.


Happy Thursday.


I’m really bad at titles, I always get to that point and I’m like …..awkward, why should I title this anyway..   Then there is a whole big battle in my head about what I should title it, and there is a huge big head debacle.

Anyhoo, lets move this along.

My last post was about my wonderful mistake.  I haven’t made anymore of those….I have however made some bad mistakes.  Well more like had unfortunate events occur.

This morning I dumped Haylie fresh off the grill pancakes to the floor.  Then while walking out of the house my shirt caught the screen door ripping a hole in it.  We were late for church, because I overslept.  See unfortunate events.

I really am having a hard time believing that this is the final week of January.  Let alone it is 2013.   I can remember being this child wanting adulthood so badly, and now I am on the heels of my 27th birthday and I would love to be that child again.  Something I was told all my life has finally happened.  Stupid adults for always being right.  Growing up seems like all the rage until you actually start to be an adult and then you realize it’s a crock.  haha, beancrock.  (Only one person should understand that, for everyone else, I’m  sorry.)

I’m apparently being really random as I type this blog out.  If you read this, the chances of you knowing me in real life is 97.6% so you should really known another random blog was due.

The FX network as played Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse today.  This has made the inner fan girl very happy.

I spoke of my birthday earlier.  I have no idea what, if anything, I want to do for it. I feel like it’s not an important birthday, but then again every birthday is important.  I will never know which one will be my last.  Morbid I know, but with the amount of death that I’ve had around me lately, it’s a fair thought. Plus I know Haylie will want to celebrate my birthday so I know something should be done, but I don’t know up until the last Christmas when I basically avoided all family members holidays including birthdays have been nothing but a disappointment.  Last year my grandmother didn’t call, she’d call every other year in my life, but suddenly I wasn’t worth the call.  She gave some excuse to mom saying she was sick, but still she could have called even days late saying I was sick, hope you had a great day.  Nope, nothing.  I’m not expecting one from her this year either.  Or any other year in my life.  But this is also the same woman who I’ve all but told her, that I’ve cut ties with.

Winning a game of FreeCell makes me feel so smart.  I really want Pop-tarts, there is a commercial for them on TV right now, so this isn’t so random as it seems. Also I’m typing and playing FreeCell, jumping back and forth, so that wasn’t so random either.

I wanted to get my hair cut last week.  But I ended up getting sick, so I laid around for three days and then the ice hit Friday.  So the kids didn’t go to school so I didn’t get to get my hair cut.  It’s so long now that if it is down, I have to lift it to sit down.  I like my long hair, but that is too long. I’m not sure inch count wise what will be coming off, but there will be change.

So I am at the point where I let Lucas cry himself to sleep.  I feel awful that I let him lay there and cry, but he needs to learn how to self soothe.  I did the same thing with Haylie and it worked out and she now can fall asleep normally easily, but he’s my baby and it hurts my heart to hear him cry.  I feel like a terrible mommy, but I know it’s for the best.

I’m still on jury duty, but I haven’t had to show since the last time, you know the longest day of my life when I ended up being rejected by the system.  But on the bright side my month is almost done.  I wonder if I get paid for the days I was actually there (2) or the whole month of on call (31).  With it being $12.50 a day, that could be the difference between crap and semi crap pay.

I’ve been working on my reading list. I’m over two hundred pages into the last book of the Eragon series, feeling quite proud about that.  Really wanting to get that book finished before February starts so that I can read another book that month, maybe even two.  Here is hoping.  I haven’t made any process on my movie list either, because I’ve been catching up on my dvr recording but the 99 percent is now down to 60 something percent.  I also haven’t done anything else on my bucket list.  That needs to change.

FACEBOOK RANT TIME:  No matter how many people post it, 99 out of 100 times, the hacker messages, the virus messages, the I’m posting this on the off-chance that it might be true, or even the Facebook has changed it policy and this is a legal thing stating that blah blah blah, are NOT true.  Please don’t fall prey to these.  They are nothing but panic inducing things.  Re-posting this just adds to the problem.  When you see them, do a google search.  Unless there are actual news reliable source saying the same things they are nothing but hoaxes.

Second RANT:  Saying I will un-friend those who keep sending me game request is just ignorant.  You don’t want to play games on Facebook, that is your choice.  But seriously be proactive about it.  Go into your settings and block those games applications.  Threatening is pointless and mean.  Also if you play games on fb you would know that really you click send to request and it basically chooses the recipients on its own.   Give it a rest.

rants over.  Those two things have just been bugging me, and no offense but it seems to happen more with the older generation.  I have been on Facebook since it was college only and back then it was all about who was sleeping with who, and while I’m glad that really isn’t the case so much anymore I’m sick of the new dramas.  now for real, rant over.

I think I’ve word vomited enough for now.  so thanks for reading.  any thoughts, please add a comment.

Have a great day. and….

that is all.