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It is now September, wow how has the time flew.

I stopped doing my devotion in August, I can’t believe and slightly hate myself for doing so.  I can freely admit, I have to many time commits, but something I have recently realized is that tithing isn’t just about money.  it is also about time.  I should spend more time focused on God than what time I give him at church.  I need to give all of it to him.  But I need to at the very bare minimum give him my ten percent.   I haven’t done my part.  I haven’t given God the time that He should get. I haven’t devoted the time I want to,  to this blog.  I haven’t been keeping up with all things I should.  

I hope to do better.  This being a new month. I hope to do better. To rededicate to doing what is right, and what is owed.  God gave me life, a wonderful family growing up, a man who is perfect for me, not perfect just perfect for me, two beautiful children, more chance than I could have hoped for in getting my education completed.  I  owe him everything.  EVERYTHING.  He has blessed me in way I never even knew to ask for.  I have to do better. I have to these words and turn them into action.  There is nothing other than that.

So here are my goals for this month:

  • do every single daily devotion on the day itself.
  • pray every single day, a pray of thanks, of praise, not just of needs.
  • read of the bible weekly (I want to say more, but I am also being realistic on this one, I have so many time commitments as it is)
  • give up 30 minutes of time that I use for me, and give to him, in some way that praises and worships him.

I will keep you updated on how these goals are progressing.


And please, pray for me.  this should be easy, should be.  But I know it won’t be.  my time is so largely spoken for, that it will be hard to spare the energy for this.  and satan being satan will fight me tooth and nail.  So please pray for the energy, time, desire, an willpower to stand up for myself and do what needs to be done.  


Thank you all.


Love you all.





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  1. And thus far, epic failure.


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