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Day Five

Day One: July 30, 2012.

Title: Daily Deposit

Scripture: Make the most of your chance to tell others the Good News.–Colossians 4:5 (TLB)

Question: How can I best spend God’s gift of time today?

Reflection: Today’s devotion is all about time.  The reading is shorter than the others have been, and the others are only a few paragraphs.   It’s all about how we spend our time.  Truth is, I don’t spend my time very wisely at all.  I take care of my kids–that wise.  But then it goes down hill.  I spend countless hours playing on the internet and watching TV.  I’ve been better about spending time with Haylie but those are still too few of minutes.  We read daily (well when she wants to read).  We are on chapter five of Peter Pan.  I spend time tending to my house duties.  When school starts back I will put a ton of time into working on the paper and yearbook along with studying and doing my assignments.  But with that short description of time, none of it how I spend time devoting it to God.  

It is supposed to go: God, family, other stuff.  Outside of this devotion that takes about ten minutes to read through it then type it all out.  Fifteen minutes if I reflect long.  I attempt to pray every day for five minutes but it always seems that something just starts up at the moment I try to focus to pray.  That isn’t right. I should give God more of my time.  Not just do something for a short amount and then walk away from it like a check of off the to-do list.  Sadly that is exactly how I seem to treat it.  There are the moment when something is going disarray that I cry out to God and beg for help/guidance/relief depending on what the case might be.  I’m guilty of not tithing my time to God, what I took from the devotion is I need to devote my time to God.

There is a quote at the bottom of the page that says, “Time is a precious gift of God-so precious that He only give it to us moment by moment.”  So I need to give my moments back to him.  I don’t know how I’m going to do, but I have to challenge myself to more.  Give Him more.  Focus more.  Read more. Pray more. Devote more.  I can’t keep getting lost in my to-do list.  I have to stay focused so that I don’t lose Him, because if I do –well I don’t know how many times He will take me back.


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