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January 2013

It’s a brand new year: This means I’m trying again.

Since I’m no longer in school.  I’m no longer spending every second stressed about graduation.  (I am now stressing about getting a job.) So with that in mind I’m starting my daily devotions again.  I still mean every word when I started this back when. Though I  failed on epic proportions of the whole daily part of it. 

So.  It’s January.  New Beginnings. This isn’t a resolution, this is a dedication.  I must do this for my own soul. To be an example for my children.  

I’ll be doing it like before; on sub-pages off of this main page, off of the MAIN Faith page.  I however am changing up the format of how I type it up.  I’m just going to list the title and what scripture I’m reading and then just reflect.  So it’s not so formal and type oriented. 

Here are my goals for January:

  •  Do all thirty days without missing a single one

  • Learn something about self/faith I didn’t know before.

Those are the only goals I’m doing for the month of January, so I’m not doing too much.  Learn how to make this a healthy habit and add to it.   


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