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In my introduction or who I am page, I say I have a belief in God that overshadows everything.

While I have that belief and faith, I also falter and fail a lot when it comes to living the way I feel I should.

I am not perfect, nor do I want to be, but I have to try to live better.  Live according to they way my Bible tells me too. I have felt conviction that what I am doing isn’t enough.  That I have to make some serious lifestyle changes for myself.  

I am a mother with a little girl who watches my every move and hears my every word.  I have to do better.  A son that will be doing the same in a matter of months.

And while it might not be the popular notion or the current notion but I have to live the christian life.  I also know I’m risking disapproval from some people.  And now that I’ve called attention to myself with this, I will be watched more I know this.  But I have to have complete faith in my God.  Know that He is God. Have complete faith in Him.  Follow His word, directions and will for me and my life.

With all that being said, I have to go back to the basics.  As a child I raised in the church, but when I became a busy/attitude-y/know-it-all teenager/young adult I sort of just stopped following the direction….strayed off the path as it were.  I never lost my faith or knowledge, but I fell out of practice.

Going back to basics for me means: I am going to start doing a devotion so that I’m going to be read the Bible daily again.  But I can’t just tell myself that I’m going to do it.  It would be too easy to not do.  I need to have a check and balance system for myself.

Thus the reasoning for this page on my blog.  If you never visit this page again I won’t blame you. Though I hope you do. I just have to do something to hold myself accountable.  I put yoga on my to-do list weeks ago, I did it twice.  Cleaning, I have a check and balance system and have done daily since I started that self-program.  With yoga, no check and balances, no yoga.

As I do my devotion, I will blog a reflection.  This should be a daily occurring thing, but as I stated earlier, I’m not perfect.

So….here we go.


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