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Bucket List

 Hurley Views presents:
Maciena’s Bucket List.

  • Graduate College
    (December 15, 2012…I finally did it.)
  • Travel Route 66
  • Get out of Credit Card Debt
    I’m trying so hard for this. Down to one major credit card. Seriously if you are 18-22 and reading this.  Don’t do this to yourself. Credit card debt is AWFUL!  
  • Give Birth to a Child
    (9/17/06 & 5/28/12 & 9/16/13)
    HM 45SDC11139SDC13108
  • Adopt a Child
  • Get my motorcycle license
  • Do a charity WalkMarch 10th, My sister and I walked in the American Red Cross Heart Half Marathon.
  • Do a charity Run
  • Buy a House
    (5/3/13, been preapproved for a loan. 5/27/13 placed a bid.
    7/10/13 closed on our home, 8/10/13 moved in)
  • Build a house on family property
  • Travel aboard  (France, Ireland, Spain, England)  
  • Go on a Cruise
  • Be in NYC for NYE
  • Travel to Mexico  Yes, I got to go to Mexico, it was so amazing, check out my post about it here
  • See a Shakespeare Play on the Stage (Seen live broadcast of Coriolanus at Donmar Warehouse, 2.16.14)
    shakespear play
  • read 95% of my reading list  Read a book once a month
    I believe this will never happen since I keep adding more and more books to that list.  So I’m amending this bucket list item.  From 95 % to one book a month.

                                                                                                                                     Books Read in 2018
  • Take a dance class
  • Spend the Night at a Museum
    My daughter and I along with our girl scout troop spent the night at Kentucky Historical Society in March.
  • Make a Quilt
  • Crochet a baby blanket
  • perform random acts of kindness
    I believe that I do this when I smile at a stranger, hold the door open for the person behind me. 
  • complete NaNoWriMo one year
    attempting November 2013
    ….11/12/13 hit 10,000 words on nano today, only 40,000 to go
    …..12/1/13, nano is over, and I only broke 25K–the halfway point.  Learned a  few lessons and will try again another year.
    November 2016….I’m going to try again.
    With 50,001 words. I did it.  I can’t believe it, but I did it.
  • finish and self-publish a book
  • have a book professionally published
  • see the aura Borealis–in person
  • Go to a Carrie Underwood Concert
  • go to a Hollywood movie premiere
  • go to a New York movie premiere
  • go to a movie premier Elizabethtown @ Franklin TN 2005
    me and the girls
  • interview at least one famous person
  • Go on a Hot Air Balloon ride
  • Go bungee jumping
  • Go skydiving   (There is a plan in the works–I’m really excited about this adventure.
  • go ziplining with Trista in 2014
    August 3, 2014, at Eagle Wings in Perry County, I soared over 8 tours of zip lines.  (post about it)
    photo 4
  • do a public karaoke night
    July 18, 2014, at Garrets in Walton, KY I sang “Mama’s Broken Heart” by Miranda Lambert. It was awesome. (post about it)
  • go on a road trip with my sister
  • Learn Foreign Language
  • Read all of the Bible
  • Devil Egg someone’s car.
  • go on a cruise
  • go to Disney World or Disney Land or both
    planning a June trip with the family to Florida
    The third week of June 2014, went with the family, it was amazing


  • go to the Harry Potter park
    planning a June trip with the family to Florida
    The third week of June 2014 went and it was amazing
  • donate blood annually
  • be on the bone marrow donation list    UPDATE: signed up, waiting on the kit to arrive, did the swap and mailed it.  (11/18/2012) It’s official, I’m on the donation list.  Now I just hope that I can help someone one day.
  • make a positive difference in a person’s life
  • get a real big-girl journalism job
  • have  my hair professionally dyed
  • become a runner
  • See Broadway Play on Broadway
  • See Broadway Play anywhere
  • Stand on the Equator.
  • learn how to play the guitar and the piano
  • complete 50% of this list.
    There are currently 28 items on this list,
    I’ve completed 4.
    Doing the math, that’s 14% as of 11/18/13
    As of 6.30.14 I’ve completed 8 items.  I think that translates to 25% complete.
    8/4/14 There are 32 items on the list.  I’ve completed 10.  10/32=.3125  so 31%

    5/15/19 There are 52 items on the list. I’ve completed  15.  15/52=.288 so 28% 

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  1. I may be able to help you with one of these. October 4th we are going out for Jessica’s 21st birthday and we are going to a bar in Walton that happens to do Karaoke. I’m sure that Jess would have no problems if you wanted to come and it is sooo much fun!


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