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Christmas 2017

Happy Holidays?

Was my Christmas season a good one?  Yes.  It was.  I have to say that I was full of nervous energy as it approached.  But I have to say that when it was all done and over I  was pleased with how it turned out.  

Phil and I were able to get most of the shopping done sooner than we normally do.  Phil wrapped most of the presents, which I have to say was a pleasant change of events.  Christmas Eve started at church, it was a Sunday after all.  Then I took a nap.  It was so nice to just relax and be chill.  Then per family tradition, we went to Justice house for the family celebration.  And while I had my fears about the evening it was nice.  All four kids were there, not all the grandchildren showed, but most of them.  Dinner was completed and the kids opened their presents.   They were quite thrilled especially since uncle Jason bought them the huge Nerf guns with the balls.  I’m pretty sure the kids could perform a mutiny and I’d surrender.  These Nerf guns are massive.   It’ll be a fun day when we have another Nerf war.  

Christmas Day we woke up to find what Santa brought.  The kiddos were quite happy when they saw their gifts.  I have to say Phil really made me happy.  He gave me some wonderful gifts. Including four new pop figures, two new books, two new movies, and two new CDs.  He does know me well.  And per family tradition, we then went to my mom’s where we had breakfast.    Yummy sausage links,  bacon, plain rolls, cinnamon rolls, orange rolls and many many cups of chocolate milk.    Then we went to Gma Knights and I had a good time talking with my cousins.  I think as adults we get along better than we ever did as kids.  Once we left there, we came home to play with our new toys.  Bedtime came and it was nice to just go to bed knowing that the day was good.  

So, all in all, I did have a happy holiday.  Thank God.  It was something I was praying over since years past have proven difficult.   While I know the season is officially over, Merry Christmas to all.



that is all.



December 2017

Where did the Time Go?

Well, it’s finally the last month of the year. By finally, I really mean, what are you kidding me, we just started this year. Where has my year gone? I feel like it was just five minutes ago I was thinking about my 2017 and all the things I hoped to accomplish. Now it’s December and I can’t help but wonder if my year was successful. Truthfully, if I measure the year based on my to-do lists, it’s I’ve most likely failed. However, I will measure the success of my year by the health and happiness of my children, then I’m going to call it all good.

You might want to know what I’ve been up to in the recent days. Truth is, I’m just your average mom who is doing the daily things a mom does. I clean, I cook, I wipe runny noses and poopy butts. I make plans and hear the distant laughter of kiddos who know that I’ll never keep those plans. I fold laundry to see the basket dumped. I wipe the dust then turn and see things flying through the room. It’s just life.

I’m also your average person, I watch TV and fangirl over things I love. Like I freaked over Avenger’s: Infinity War trailer. LIKE FREAKED! I am in love with This Is Us and many other TV Shows. That is why I blog about them. (Shameless plug to check out my blogs AOS Fans and The Television Watcher. ) I’m reading a book called Beautiful Creators. I’m bullet journaling. I’m making list. I’m being my normal crazy self.

I’m struggling though because I, unfortunately, fall prey to the societies ideas of the need to be perfect. I do not meet that category. I’m not perfect, in fact, I think I would classify myself as a hot mess. I don’t like it. But whomp there it is. I am late. I have a stain on my shirt 73% of the time. I don’t get make-up on my face. Though I do love pretty eyeshadow. My hair stays in a messy bun 98% of the time. If it’s down, it’s because I’ve showered and am waiting for it to air dry. My socks, they are mismatched. My purse had the most random thing in it. I swear I pulled a small dino out the other day and was just happy that there was no snot on it.

I am a mess. I’m not even hiding that fact anymore. I am also human, who has feelings. And in the last six months, things have really hurt me. Between having to endure the humiliation of having so-called family and fighting tooth and fighting everything tooth and nail. It’s been a heck of a battle. So I’m just done at pretending that life is this perfect thing. But here is my deal.  I’m not perfect, but I’m trying to live my life to please God and myself.  Everyone else is no longer on my list to please.  So stop trying to pressure me into being this cookie cutter shaped person.  Now, of course, my parents and hubby are excluded from the general they.  Them I’m still wanting to be happy with me.  But other people can shove off a bit.  I’m a hot mess. Take me as I am.  Or LEAVE ME.  I’m just saying.


I am gonna do me.  I’m gonna please God.  I’m going to polite and nice.  I’m going to be happy.  I’m going to be good.  Good to my kids.  I’m going take each day as a blessing and find the good in it.  In other words, I’m done with the drama.  I’m done with the wearing my emotions on my sleeve.


Wow, this blog took a turn I wasn’t expecting.  I wanted to just kind of be light and fluffy. Tell any and all readers that life is ongoing.  Time is passing so fast, I feel like I’m being left behind somedays.  My year is basically gone.  But I’m looking forward to the next one.



that is all.


Today’s Shenanigans

My First Hit and Run


Today hasn’t been my day.  I’m gonna start off by saying that.  It’s okay.  Tomorrow will be better.

I’ll next say: Randy, Lucas and I are okay.  It could have been so much worse, and it wasn’t.

And now, what happened:
After not having my card to pay for my Kroger purchases, I had gone home, grabbed what I needed, gotten Lucas off the bus and was headed back to Kroger.  I was at a red light at a three-way intersection.  A van** was behind me.  They were also at stopped at the red light.  Something caught my eye in my rear view mirror and I could tell this teen wasn’t paying attention.  Next thing I know, I’m being mashed into.  Now it wasn’t a love tap like he’d let off the brake; this was a full on hit.  My first thought is my children.  Both boys were in the car, fastened into their seats.  They are both fine.  My next move is to get out of the lane to deal with the accident information.  But as I’m moving into the E lane.  The boy is backing up, and taking off.  His tires are squealing, he jumps into the turning lane, runs the light (cutting off traffic) and turns into the side ride that the light is for.   Not only his he being reckless, he’s whipping about.  Almost sideswiped the traffic on the other road.  He does like the serpentine driving until he’s out of sight.   I call 911.  Tell the details and the dispatch officer lets me know I’m not the only one calling about him.


Luckily for me, Leslie (whose birthday is the same day as mine), was in the front of the stopped traffic and heard him hit me, then watched him flee.  She got the license plate number as well.  And then stays until the officer takes her statement.  She had more details than I did.  But I suppose that was normal since I was a bit in shock at the way it all happened. At the moment this kid is still at large.  It is my personal belief that he was drunk or high.  That he was fleeing because he didn’t want to face consequences.  I don’t know for sure, that is just what my gut is telling me.   I’m pretty peeved because we just got my car finished back in April from hitting the deer last November. I’m thankful that we are okay.  Especially after the horrific accidents that have happened in the last week alone.


This is a personal plea from me to you, and everyone.  Stop driving so recklessly.  Yesterday a family of five lost their lives.  A few days ago a small child was hurt and is still in critical condition.  If it wasn’t for God’s hand, and the protection I pray for every single day, that could have been my family today.  Yes, this was just a fender bender.  But it could have been something else.  I walked away today, but I might not have.  Accidents do happen, I get that, but many could be avoided.  Whatever that young man was doing, he shouldn’t have been doing behind the wheel.  It could have waited.  My life is more important than a text, Facebook update, or phone call.  My kid’s lives are more important than whatever high you were chasing.


Thank God we are okay.


Thank God I’ll be in my bed tonight.


Please God let them find the guy responsible.


Stop being so distracted when you drive.


I survived my first hit and run.  I really don’t want to experience another.


**Black, maybe Toyota minivan, with a white hood.  Three passengers, all young (maybe teens).  License plate 360 HXN (?-87% sure)  The van had a handicap plaque hanging from its rear view mirror.



I received word today, the driver was found.  Charged and released into the custody of his mother.  They do have insurance, so my worries about my car are now settled.  

I have to admit I was sure this was going to land on me, that they weren’t going to find him.  So when the officer called today, I was overjoyed.  The officer told me the driver was found, charged and if there was an issue with insurance to contact him and additional charges would be filed.  I am beyond thrilled God answered my prayer.  That this boy was found.  I hate that this young kid was charged with a hit and run, but what he did was wrong.  Leaving the scene was wrong.  It’s a hard lesson, but one he had to learn.

September is Just the Start


Of This Crazy Train

In my last blog post, I said, “My calendar really is already booked.  It’s very stressful.  I’m not even kidding. ” And I wasn’t kidding in any way shape or form.  September is halfway over.  But that just means that I’m getting into my busy season.  I halfway want to screenshot my calendar to show just how busy I am.  And my kids don’t even do sports.  I really don’t know how the mom’s whose babies are in sports do it.

Between Cub scouts, girl scouts, band, school, church and the random birthday parties we stay busy.  I have ten points on my to-do list every single day.  Now to not make myself sound all “oh woe is me” a lot of those to do list points is cleaning things, that I sometimes don’t do.  But should.  It’s a lot of things that just have to be done, no matter how un-fun it is.

I’m glad the birthday parties are over.  Though the backlash from the drama from them is far from over I fear.  But that is another post altogether, one I don’t think I have “in” me to make.  But from now until November, honestly not until January, do I have a free weekend.  Every weekend has something on the schedule that needs to be done.  A lot of it is FUN stuff.

We have the church play, birthday parties, girl scout events, bridal showers, trips to Orlando, weddings, parties, and those are just the things off the top of my mind.

So while I’m stressed about the business of our lives.  I’m excited to be doing and whatnot.  Not just sitting on my couch eating bonbons.  Though I’m good at that too.

for now.

that is all.













The End to Summer

Not Really, but Close to It.

August has started, so that means while it’s still warm, sunny and summer.  The school year is around the bend and that brings an end to summer. But that doesn’t mean the fun is ending.

I want to report how great summer has been.  But I can’t it’s been dramatic and hot.  Also exhausting.  I can’t remember a summer break that has been this exhausting.  I have a four-page google document cataloging the dramatic part of the summer. The fallout is still ongoing from it as well.  And yes I’m being vague.  I’m sorry about that.  But I really can’t make this blog post all about that.  But this summer is one I’m okay with it ending.

There has been some really good moment in it as well.  Traveling to Wilmington, NC to see my best friend marry the love of her life was one of those moments. Seeing her so happy was a joy.  Seeing my girl friends for the first time in WAY too long was equally amazing.

Hocking Hills trip was awesome.  That trip was rough.  Won’t lie, physically that was the hardest trip this summer. The hiking, canoeing, heat, and sleeping on a crappy air mattress.  It was beautiful and amazing.

Florida was hot and sticky.  The beach was wonderful. That’s all I have to say about that.

Leaving Florida took us to Chattanooga TN (because my parents are amazing; they helped me so much) and that was a fun trip.  My kids and I got to ride the incline and see some fun sites.  But the long trip was exhausting and it took about a week or so to even out back into a routine.  I swear I was so sick after that whole week of being so hot and sun burned.  Plus I threw my back out while in Pigeon Forge.  So it took a bit to recover from that.

Summer was overall good.  Got a ton of housework done.  Cleaned and cleaned and cleaned.   Not that it seems to matter, living in a house with five people means a perpetual state of mess.  There is always at least one room that needs something done in it.  But this is life, and I try really hard to not let it bother me.  I mean there is a constant nag at me like I need to have a PERFECT house.  But I also had fifteen minutes with my son this morning.  Sitting on the stoop, waiting for the bus, hearing about his day.  No amount of clean dishes is worth that.   I rather spend time with my kiddos then with my hands busy folding laundry.

Here lately, I’ve tried to include them with my housework.  But still.  Kiddos trump perfect house.  I’m trying to remind myself of that.

The school year has officially started now.  Things are thrown up in the air and I’m trying to make them all land in a way that doesn’t make anyone crazy.  So now onto the Fall (which doesn’t really start for a month, but whatever.) I really am looking forward to beautiful days.  But I’m also really concerned because the way it looks is that I won’t have a free moment until November.  Every weekend seems to be already booked.

My calendar really is already booked.  It’s very stressful.  I’m not even kidding.  But alas, this is life with three kids and very busy schedules.

So here is my final parting line with this blog.  I’m a busy girl.  I’m trying really hard to keep my head on straight.  Life is good.

I really would encourage everyone to make apologies when you are wrong. Be kind to others.  Do your best to be good.















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…and Blogs


I’ve been trying to blog for like three day now.   I want to tell about my vacation, my summer, what’s been going on in my life for the last few months.  But the truth is, every time I try to start this.  I just get into a jumble and delete the whole thing.

So, take 1028030282 here we go.  Maybe this one will stick.


The first of June was crazy and hectic.  We ended school in May, immediately traveled to see my BFF, Jen, get married to the man she loves.  It was a beautiful night and a good time.  The travel was hard on the kids, but it worked.  When June started on Thursday, I’m pretty sure that I was in bed sick.  After getting back I was almost flu-ish, but it was just a rough cold.     Anyway the first full week of June, was Haylie’s room, which I told you all about in a previous blog post, Thing We Do.   The next week of June was a mess.  Here I was trying to get caught back up with the normal house work that I had postponed for my daughter’s room.  (PS as of today, Haylie’s room is still very tidy and organized.  So I’m proud of her and that work was well worth it. ) When I was trying to pack because that Thursday we were leaving.  AND the second full week of June was Twilight Camp.  So cleaning, taking my kid to camp, and packing left for a very stressed out and busy Maciena.

Thursday we left for camping.   The whole kit and kaboodle family were going. Mean 13 people in four trucks one pulling a camper left from the local Kroger parking lot to go to Hocking Hills, Ohio.  The drive was long, but not terribly so.  It was so manageable.  Once we got to the camp ground we were staying at it was time to set up camp.  Let me tell Ya, I had not been camping in YEARS.  I really don’t know the last time I was actually in a tent, sleeping on the ground.  But even though I’m pretty sure I took about 10 years off my life with all the physical activity I did.  Five-mile hike,  three-hour canoeing trip, and two nights of swimming in the lake.  I was more active in that four days than I have been in a while.  I hated it. But I loved it.  It was so pretty up there. But it was also so hot.  I don’t know how anyone survives the outdoors.  It’s gorgeous and worth it but so hard on the body.  That when I got home, I was basically a veggie for two days.  I just sat and chilled.  Seriously it was beautiful and amazing, but it was so good to do nothing.

The next week in June, I was supposed to start the next phase of cleaning projects, in particular being the family room. Let’s just say that it didn’t work out.  I did do work in the kitchen.  I emptied out my blue drawers that hold all my storage containers.  Cleaned them, organized them and recycled broken containers or one that was missing a lid.  It was a long day of work, but worth it.  There is a ton of projects that were just ignored during the last days of June.  But things were also done.  Like I started cataloging all my movies and books.   That is still an ongoing process.   But I’m so proud that of what I’ve cataloged.

The very last week of June was VBS.  And quite frankly it was fun but subdued.  Normally we have hundreds of kids, this year we had a much smaller group.  It was easier to manage, but still, it was the loud ruckus that it is normal.  But I have to say that I’m happy that we had it.   It was a good week.  Lucas was a pain in the butt the first night, he didn’t want to be a part of his group.  I’m not even sure why.  It was Randy’s first year, and he was no way perfect, but I think overall he was good.  It was a good year.



The second month of summer was a much more of the same.  Granted it this month isn’t over, but still.  The first week was spent cleaning, cataloging and dealing with kiddos.  The 4th of July was fun.  Per our tradition, we went to the Jones’ farm and watched a big boom.  I’m not talking fireworks either.  They blew up a car and it was perfect.  PERFECT.  I love watching the destructed of a dead car by gun fire and explosives.  I’m just saying.

The next week of July was spent with traveling.  The kids and hit the interstate at 5 am with the in-laws. We went to Ocala, Florida, spend a few days hanging out at the in-law’s house.  Then Thursday we went to Daytona Beach.  My kids were so happy in the water.  Lucas was super brave, he learned how to jump the waves as the crashed in and was having so much fun.  Randy would run into the water but was having a blast in the sand too. Haylie just wanted to be in the deep, until she got there but was seriously having fun with her cousins.  I ended up roasted and looked much like a red coke can.  It was not pleasant. The burn was painful.  Especially since I was in a car, driving to Chattanooga TN.  Once I made it to Chattanooga.  It was very late and sleep was all I really wanted.  It wasn’t a good night sleep due to the burn.  But it was perfect enough, cause I was TIRED.

In Chattanooga, the kids and I along with my parents did the incline there, and it was amazing.  I hadn’t done it since I was a kid and to see my kids light up at it was fairly awesome.  Lunch happened, then we headed to Pigeon Forge, TN.  Got another hotel room.  Between the burn, the exhaustion, and the lack of eating properly for a few days, I was sick to my stomach.  Potato soup was my best friend that night.  It helped so much.  That night we went to the hotel pool, and the kids once again showed me how brave they are.  Randy and Lucas (with proper flotation devices) was jumping into the five feet deep end.  They are water babies.  When it was time to get out the pool and go to bed, they were not happy, but tired enough that they passed out rather quickly that night.

After breakfast, the next day the kids and I headed home.  At some point on Saturday, I did something to my back.  It was bad.  So bad that it’s had me flat on my back since then.  I’ve been to the chiropractor every day since Monday.  Today is the first day I’ve really felt normal as far as my body.  Which is good.  I just hope it sticks.   The pain that comes from not being able to move is intolerable.

July is almost over and things are frozen for me until my back gets better.  So I’m hoping that happens soon.  Like really soon.  Because I still have bazillion things that I want to do and get done before school starts for my kiddos.  Things to get done for school.  Amongst other things, I have to get my daughter a band instrument.  So there are a lot of things that need to happen. But whatever.


Looking Ahead

In the next few months, I can expect my kids to start school again.   Get my house back in order.  And get back in shape.  I hate being so out of shape.  But that has been my summer for the most part.  Now it’s just a matter of surviving until fall.


That is all.

Independence Day

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Happy 4th of July!
Happy Independence Day
Happy Celebration of National Freedom!