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Life Happens, Coffee Helps

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My Week Review: Yes, it’s Only Wednesday

Monday, I woke up and was without my hubby.  The lucky man is out in the wild doing the whole fishing and being a guy thing. I got my oldest boy off to school, the girl does the whole I’m almost a teen and self-sufficient thing.  I jumped into cleaning.

In January, I was not in a head-space to do what I was supposed to do.  Therefore, my ornaments sat in a clothes-basket until Monday when I finally put them and my Christmas tins away.  But the work didn’t end there on Monday.  I cleaned and cleaned and organized and made my living room just better.  I’m not a slob, I just let things get piled and junky for a little bit until I can clean again.  So it’s clutter not dirty.  Does that make sense?   I had to stop cleaning and run a few errands as the troop leader for girl scouts.

In the middle of cooking supper, I got an SOS phone call.  My mother’s car had broken down while she was in route to my house for babysitting.  (I’m needy, especially this week.)  Kids and I loaded up and went to her rescue–like any good daughter would do.   Back home I finished supper and headed out the door.  Kissing my babies and–now stranded–mom bye.

Once I got to our meeting locale, we had our end-of-the-year meeting with girl scouts.  My troop spent the hour snacking, giggling and playing a game I had never heard of before.  They played Night at the Museum; a game in which everyone is a living statue who has to be frozen when the night manager comes by.  If the night-manager catches you moving, you become the night-manger.   It was comical to see the girls freezing in funny poses and trying to hold them while not being caught.  It was a fun way to end the year.

Once back home, kiddo to bed and mom settled in for the night–she insisted to not drag the kiddos out–it was bedtime.  Without my hubby being home, I had the whole bed, but sleep was restless.  I’ve grown accustomed to his snores and tossing.   Without it, I was hyper-aware of every noise and my own moment.  It was strange.

Tuesday, started with coffee.  Sleep crusties in my eyes still as I put the pot onto brew.  It was just needed from the lack of decent sleep.  Kiddos to the bus.  I ran my quick errands before my mom hijacked my car to go home and do her list.  I wanted to clean.  I needed to clean.  I planned on cleaning.  But instead, I planned and prepared for the SU meeting that was happening that night.  I swore I wasn’t going to put it off to the last minute, but I often lie to myself.  It’s a problem.

Once that was preparation was completed and after I put the pre-schoolers on the bus I decided I needed rest.  I did.  I went to take a nap.   It was glorious and wonderful and a complete waste of time.  But I obviously needed it.  I woke up to a phone call.  My mom was on her way back to me, and then we would go pick up her car.  Kudos to the garage who towed, diagnosed, and repaired her car’s issues within 24 hours.

Took her to the garage, returned and got boys off the bus.  I can’t tell the school is less than two weeks from being done, because my oldest son is just a melt-down every day about homework.

“But Mom, I want to play outside.”  “But Mom, homework is stupid.” “But mom, I don’t wanna”  “But Mom,  I did this at school.”  “But Mom,  I can’t my brain stopped working,” I swear I hear these phrases every night when it comes to homework.  He still hadn’t finished the one page of six math problem when I left my SU meeting.

At the beginning of the year, it took an adjustment period but then he was all about his homework.  He wanted to do the whole week on Monday so he could be done.  He would do it on the bus.  He loved getting it done.  I know it’s just because it is no longer new.  No longer fun.  He wants the school year to be over.  I get it.  I was the same way with college, so burned out at the end that I hated it.  But it’s hard to get him to soldier on, so when he went to bed, the math sheet was still not done.

My SU meeting went well.  I berated myself afterward because I have all this information, it’s all in order and then I get asked a question while I’m conducting the meeting and I messed up my papers.  Then was so disorganized the rest of the meeting. I hated it.  I hated how it looked. I hate that I was like a deer-in-the-headlights afterward.  I hope that next year with the SU I will be better maintained.  I have a plan that I want to see if it will work.

Then I ended up talking too long with some other troop leaders at the SU meeting and somehow an hour and a half went by and I didn’t know it.  Making me not get home until way too late and feeling like scum because Mom was stuck at my house with two boys who were being a PAIN!  I still feel bad about that.  I need to start wearing a watch again.  Eeek.

I slept soundly Tuesday night until 5 am when I woke up to dogs barking and was instantly wide awake.  I made the decision to stay laying in bed too rest.  I told myself I’d lay there until my alarm went off at 5:45 am, get up then and start my day.  I was so wide awake that I was just laying there watching shadows dance across my ceiling.  Until the next thing, I knew I was waking to my alarm, from a wildly real dream.  I was disoriented and was like, no, not starting my day. Then ended up sleeping until it was time for the oldest boy to wake up.  So that was a bewildering start to the day.  Coffee again a must.

Now I’m awake, showered and rambling about the last two days.  On my third cup of coffee.  Tonight is busy because of a church service.  The daughter’s band concert is tomorrow night and Friday will be spent making the brithday cake.  This week has been crazy busy and it’s only Wednesday.   It’s not even really all that bad, it just been a lot of back and forth which gets exhausting.

I suppose the true point of this blog post is to let anyone know; hey, I’m still alive.  Things are still moving along in my life.  We do the daily grind and keep moving forward.  I’m trying to be the best daughter, wife, mother, friend, and person I know how to be.  Coffee is my friend.  Life happens and I bounce around it.

What has your week been like?  What have you been up to?

for now…


that is all.


Girl Wash Your Face: Book Review


Book Number One of Twenty Five.

The first book of the new year, I’m on track for a great new goal.  That is always a good feeling.  I’m doing my best to read every day, which is helping a ton with my writing because I’ve been writing every day.  While I’m sort of harsh with this book, I did enjoy reading it. Check out my review, that is originally posted on Goodreads.

Girl, Wash Your Face: Stop Believing the Lies about Who You Are So You Can Become Who You Were Meant to BeGirl, Wash Your Face: Stop Believing the Lies about Who You Are So You Can Become Who You Were Meant to Be by Rachel Hollis
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I kept seeing this book talked about, so I wanted to get into and see what the fuss was about. I was blessed enough to have received a copy from a dear friend and dived right in. I read about a chapter a day. And got through the book rather quickly.

This was my first book experience with any sort of inspiration, go-get-em, self-help category.

My first take is the writer has a very personable, relatable voice. I really did enjoy the tone of the book. I felt as if I was reading a friend’s letter vs an authoritative voice. That is always something I like in a book. Reading it as if I know the person. That is why Twilight was so amazing to me the first time I read, I related to Bella. And why I had such a hard time with The Bell Jar, I didn’t relate to the narrator. I didn’t understand the perspective. (Though I loved it that book too.)

When it comes to the content of the book, I wasn’t overly thrilled. There were ideas I just didn’t agree with. The way she used the Bible didn’t sit well with me. There are times Hollis comes off as a perfect princess and others a poor pauper. It was hard to judge exactly how she saw herself. And if I can’t understand that viewpoint, I’m not sure I can take her advice. If she’s the expect teaching how to rise above these issues but isn’t giving a solid voice it’s hard to take it at her word.

While I do find it brave to put your life story on paper and share with the world, I’m not sure all her tactics are feasible for every woman. I did take good things away too. I loved her go-get-em attitude. Her way of inspiring any reader to start going after their dream was perfect. I felt encouraged to take a step in the direction of my own dreams. That part of the book was incredibly well done. I loved her inspirational tone.

Overall, it was not a waste of my time. But I don’t recommend it.

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Friday Night Life


It’s A Party


Tonight is a Friday night.  Since about 6:30 one of our neighbors has been in the house, playing with the girl.  There have been three or four fits of not getting along.  There have been ninja fights, secret agents, superheroes, and video games.  The boys are boys to a tee.  The girls are practicing their make up skills.  Supper has been scrambled eggs.  It’s been a normal night in this house.

I was never the party girl or the out every weekend girl.  But sitting home listening to the chaos was never something I imagined myself doing.  But tonight it’s the perfect night. I’m on the couch, at my desk, listening to them play.  It’s not always perfect but it’s a good night.  My kiddos are happy, healthy, and here.  I don’t know how I got so lucky with that.

I know that my life is good.  I complain and I feel stressed and burdened.  But my life is good.  It is full of love.  It is full of good things and good people.  I’m blessed beyond measure.

Tonight I blog because I want to get back to posting on here semi-regularly but also because I want to be more grateful with the life I have.  I want to share the good moments of parenting.  I want to know that these moments may frustrate me at the instant, but in the long run, they are precious.  They are things I will want to remember.  To cherish.

Tonight the party is ninja, swords, and superheroes.  But in the blink of an eye, the party will actually be parties.  That terrifies me.  I already miss them being so very little.  I don’t want to regret missing this fun play time for them.

Moral of the blog: cherish what you have when you have it.

that is all.

Anniversary Post


A Love Story

This is the picture of two kids who had no idea what life has in store for them. They have no idea how many late nights they will spend worrying about finances. They don’t know what it’s like to rock, shush, and do everything they can think to soothe a crying baby. They haven’t been scared to death when the word cancer is dropped. They haven’t picked up the phone to hear the other panicked and scared because of a car accident. They don’t know what it’s like to be so angry with the other, one of them is contemplating walking out the door. They don’t know how hard marriage is. These two kids are just feeling the first stirs of love. They only know that they love each other and they want to start their lives together.

Nor do they know that 13 years later, they will still be in love. They will still want each other. That when the bickering comes, they will work their way through it. They will still find each other attractive, even after 3 kiddos and many nights of delicious fast food. They don’t know how hard they are willing to work to have the house, the cars, the things for the kiddos. They don’t know what life is like when you are completely happy with your partner. That they are going to make it. These two don’t know what life is like. But they are starting their journey together.

There are so many things I wish I could go back and tell them. But one thing is for certain. I would never go back and change their start. Because theirs is one of the everyday stories. Their story is wonderful. Still going, changing, and developing.  Now, this picture is of a couple who are still loving each other after 13 years.  And they are ready for more chapters.  Happy Anniversary babe!  I love you!  I couldn’t do this without you!

Bridge to Terabithia Review

I finished this book back around Thanksgiving, but just now sat down to review it.  But the impact of this book is one that even though it’s almost a month later, I can still give you an honest review.

Bridge to TerabithiaBridge to Terabithia by Katherine Paterson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

If I read this book as a child in school, I don’t remember. I can’t believe I wouldn’t remember reading this tale, so I’m certain I didn’t, which is a shame. Now, I know I saw the movie, and seeing the movie first, meant that I knew exactly what I was getting into when I read the book.

If you have never read the book, seen the movie then you have no idea how utterly heartbreaking this tale is. But no matter how many tears I shed, I would recommend this book to anyone who asks.

(Spoilers Ahead) Starting out reading this book, we meet ten-year-old, Jess. He’s your average boy who is growing up with chores and a harsh environment for dreams. There is work to be done, and bills that need to be paid, that leaves little room to explore his craft and art hopes and dreams. But the one thing that Jess has is his running. He wants to be the fastest boy in his class, and he has practiced hard to do just that. When the first day of school comes around, he’s ready to win, and then he meets Leslie.

The only girl who has ever been allowed in the races is also the only person who beats Jess in the race. Right off the bat, Jess is not a fan of Leslie. But the two are neighbors and due to the proximity or fate, the two do become friends.

Their friendship is what makes the book in my opinion. Relationships are the heart of every story, and this heart is big and wonderful. The friendship between Jess and Leslie is pure and perfect. Leslie sees Jess for everything he can be. Jess sees Leslie as a window to the world he doesn’t know. She has this life of imagination and exploration that he’s never known.

With their friendship, the two create this world, Terabithia. It’s their kingdom, their special place to be who they want to be. They learn how to open up to each other. Terabithia is a place for them to pretend, be artistic, have adventures and just have fun. Be kids. A place that is needed for Jess. Leslie brings the story out of Jess. The only problem with is the rope they have to swing on to get to their side of the woods.

We go an entire year in their lives and see how their friendship develops and when it all ends, it’s totally heartbreaking. Everyone knows the pain of death, it leaves no one untouched. But to experience that at such a tender age is horrifying. I related to the book so much, because I lost friends young. Jess reaction to the news Leslie was gone, the guilt he felt about not inviting her, the pain he had. Not only was it completely and utterly well written, but it was also completely relatable.

Jess gets invited to go with his favorite teacher to see the museum, but he doesn’t invite Leslie to go with. He has a crush on his teacher, and the idea of a day with her is enticing. He has this perfect day, and when he gets home, he discovers that his entire world is upheaved. Leslie has decided to go Terabithia without Jess. The creek was high, the rope broke. Leslie is gone. Gone forever.

This book was a perfect read. No matter how sad it is. No matter how many tears I will cry when I read it again. I will read it again because this book teaches so much about life. The relationships that change you. The grief you feel. The way you live your life. This book is perfect.

Would I recommend this book: Yes.
Did I love this book: Yes.
Should you read this book: Yes.

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The Perfectionist Review

First and foremost I need to say, that having overdue library books is a very good motivator for getting a book read. Because I checked this book out from my local library in June, continued to renew it until I ran out of renewals and then was like, okay I’m going to read this.  But I’m glad I did.  Check out my Goodreads review below the line.

The Perfectionists (The Perfectionists, #1)The Perfectionists by Sara Shepard
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

When I picked this book up, I did so because I had read “The Lying Game” series and loved Sara Shepard’s work in that series. I’m not ready to jump into the million books that comprise the Pretty Little Liars series, so with this one only have two books, I was game.

I decided to read the book in a day, a true and utter challenge for this mom of three who is constantly running and never stopping for long enough to read more than 10 pages at a time. Picking up the edition that only had three hundred and twenty-two pages, was a challenge I conquered though; which I feel incredibly proud of. Though I worry that I might have missed some of the details because I was so focused on reading quickly. But enough about the environment of reading, and onto the book itself.

(Spoilers Ahead) I appreciated that we saw the story from all sides of the situation. Not only did we have an overview of the story. But because of each chapter coming from a main character point of view, it’s easier to get a clearer picture of the emotional details. We see each girl through this lense of their environment and where they are all coming from. Creating this vortex of different viewpoints and an interesting weave of a story.

Nolan Hotchkiss is a grade a jerk and seems to rule the Beacon Heights school. He uses blackmail to hold the top status, no matter who it hurts. So, it makes perfect sense that this group of girls, from five different circles, would come together in an attempt of revenge. They have a plan that seems fool-proof but when Nolan ends up actually the dead, the guilt and fear the girls are drowning in, is overwhelming. While they all know that they did lure him away from the party, and did give him a pill. They are sure that they are being framed for a murder that they have not committed. Because of this one murder, all their lives are sent into a tailspin.

In an attempt to find the truth, the girls find themselves deeper and deeper into a cacophony of lies and problems. The police are looking at them as suspects, their hope and dreams are falling apart, their secrets are coming into light. Seeing how each girl deals with it, and how it strains their relationships is interesting. Shepard finds a way to weave a mysterious tale while examining the human relationships in a truly intriguing way.

When the girls find themselves at their teacher’s (Mr. Granger) house, finding naughty pictures of students, they know he’s a predator. It only makes sense that they assume he is the killer because Nolan did use blackmail. But things are not that simple. Granger seems to be the perfect suspect. A man who doesn’t what his after-hours exploits come to light. However, the twist at the ending of the book seems to rule that idea out. Granger is killed by an unknown person. The perfect girls seem to be the main suspects.

The ending of the book does not resolve any of these questions, but it is a thrilling tale and one that I was able to keep speeding through. I am looking forward to reading book two and am hopeful that this wonderful tale is brought to an interesting conclusion.

Would I recommend this book: Yes.
Did I love this book: Yes.
Do I need to read the rest of the series: Yes.

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The Princess Diaries Review

Reading as slowed down but it is still a part of my life.  AND If I’m reading, then I’m reviewing.  Below is my review of The Princess Diaries.  I borrow the book from the library and do intend to borrow the next one in the series.

The Princess Diaries (The Princess Diaries, #1)The Princess Diaries by Meg Cabot
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

As a fan of the movies, I had some expectations when I finally sat down to read this book. While I know books and movies are two very different arenas, I had this idea laid out of this story. What a surprise it was to find out that the book was so very different.

Mia is the same lovable character that I met in the movie, and reading her private thoughts instead of seeing the situation laid out was a good experience. There was something engaging and quirky about the book Mia. Anne Hathaway plays her excellently, but book Mia was just different, and I LOVED that.

While the book is short, only 228 pages, it is still an engaging and fun read. It’s high-strung and dramatic at times; but, you are reading the thoughts of a high school freshman. It is always thoughtful and powerful because it explores the mechanics of relationships.

The displays of friendships and relationships play out nicely. While it is only high school, we never really outgrown the dynamics of clicks. And this book looks at how those clicks work. How Mia is sloshing through it. From being invisible to front page news. Seeing how others will use and bruise you and others will always have your back.

This book is a beautiful nod to friendship. It’s a well-written tale about a nobody who is a somebody. It’s a wonderful coming of age story about a girl who is learning her role. I’m excited to continue reading the series.

Would I recommend this book: Yes.
Did I love this book: Yes.
Do you need to read the rest of the books: Yes.

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