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Who Am I?

Hello, I am Maciena.

I am a daughter of Randy and Debbie. 

A sister of Rebecca. 

A wife of Phil.

A mother of Haylie, Lucas and Randy.

A friend to many.

I fancy myself a journalist, and a writer. 

I am a closet/alone in the car singer.

I was a student at school,

 I’m now a student of life.

I am a graduate of WKU.

I am a homeowner.

I am a woman. 

A person.

A human.

I have belief in God, that overshadows everything. 

I have seen miracles, I have seen tragedy. 

I have had a few life experiences and lots of mundane times.

I have been loved, and have freely given love.

I am proud of my curves.

I love wearing dresses and feeling as if I look pretty.

I love wearing jeans and my cowboy boot and being comfy.

I am no one truly special or have a lesser value on my life…

I am simply me, Maciena.

Welcome to my world.


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  1. I love you babe

  2. You and I share the same great taste in picking a theme for our blog 🙂 Thanks for stopping by to visit mine.


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