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This morning I was in the shower, and since there is where I do my best thinking, I was going over different things in my mind. There was my to-do list, my random crazy thoughts, my brain badgering me over things I did in 1997, and some pretty hard questions about why I’m so stressed and frustrated here lately.

Now I already used the intro paragraph on my Journey of Faith Blog post. That really divulged into my spiritual shortcomings. But I wanted to look at another point and post it here, so that’s why I plagiarized myself this morning.

So the other thing I was thinking about this morning in my shower was how March is practically gone. I mean where did this month go? It’s already the 23rd and I feel like it was yesterday that we started March. Like I have these plans and ideas for my blogs. I try to post once a month. Give a check in on how my life is good or annoying. Truthfully it’s annoying sometimes. But my last blog post for POV was January 31st. I totally missed February, though the month was overall okay. Had some sickness, through March has been worse with that. But seriously how are we already about to be in the 4th month of the year?


I do know where some of my time has gone. For a huge chunk of it, I was working in my house. Thanks to the tax refund check we got, we were able to purchase a new living room couch. Now this couch is just what we needed. It’s a sectional, which takes a HUGE portion of the room, but as a family of five, we needed something this size. We all like to lay around together and watch movies, and the love seat/couch combo that we had, just didn’t work. Plus the love seat, where Phil and I normally sat, was demolished by two little boys going through their toddler stage. Now they are both big boys and all, replacing seemed like a good idea. And it’s so pretty and makes me so happy. I’ve slept on it two night now. If that tells you anything.

The rest of it I don’t really know. There have been events and whatnot on Saturdays, but the rest of my time has seemed to vanish to some far off undetermined location. The days have passed without any real knowledge of it. Which is weird. So that is my March update. Time has been stolen from me. I blame whoever is still allowing it to snow in Spring. But I feel as if I am digressing. I might add to this post later, but for now…




that is all.


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