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Today’s Shenanigans

My First Hit and Run


Today hasn’t been my day.  I’m gonna start off by saying that.  It’s okay.  Tomorrow will be better.

I’ll next say: Randy, Lucas and I are okay.  It could have been so much worse, and it wasn’t.

And now, what happened:
After not having my card to pay for my Kroger purchases, I had gone home, grabbed what I needed, gotten Lucas off the bus and was headed back to Kroger.  I was at a red light at a three-way intersection.  A van** was behind me.  They were also at stopped at the red light.  Something caught my eye in my rear view mirror and I could tell this teen wasn’t paying attention.  Next thing I know, I’m being mashed into.  Now it wasn’t a love tap like he’d let off the brake; this was a full on hit.  My first thought is my children.  Both boys were in the car, fastened into their seats.  They are both fine.  My next move is to get out of the lane to deal with the accident information.  But as I’m moving into the E lane.  The boy is backing up, and taking off.  His tires are squealing, he jumps into the turning lane, runs the light (cutting off traffic) and turns into the side ride that the light is for.   Not only his he being reckless, he’s whipping about.  Almost sideswiped the traffic on the other road.  He does like the serpentine driving until he’s out of sight.   I call 911.  Tell the details and the dispatch officer lets me know I’m not the only one calling about him.


Luckily for me, Leslie (whose birthday is the same day as mine), was in the front of the stopped traffic and heard him hit me, then watched him flee.  She got the license plate number as well.  And then stays until the officer takes her statement.  She had more details than I did.  But I suppose that was normal since I was a bit in shock at the way it all happened. At the moment this kid is still at large.  It is my personal belief that he was drunk or high.  That he was fleeing because he didn’t want to face consequences.  I don’t know for sure, that is just what my gut is telling me.   I’m pretty peeved because we just got my car finished back in April from hitting the deer last November. I’m thankful that we are okay.  Especially after the horrific accidents that have happened in the last week alone.


This is a personal plea from me to you, and everyone.  Stop driving so recklessly.  Yesterday a family of five lost their lives.  A few days ago a small child was hurt and is still in critical condition.  If it wasn’t for God’s hand, and the protection I pray for every single day, that could have been my family today.  Yes, this was just a fender bender.  But it could have been something else.  I walked away today, but I might not have.  Accidents do happen, I get that, but many could be avoided.  Whatever that young man was doing, he shouldn’t have been doing behind the wheel.  It could have waited.  My life is more important than a text, Facebook update, or phone call.  My kid’s lives are more important than whatever high you were chasing.


Thank God we are okay.


Thank God I’ll be in my bed tonight.


Please God let them find the guy responsible.


Stop being so distracted when you drive.


I survived my first hit and run.  I really don’t want to experience another.


**Black, maybe Toyota minivan, with a white hood.  Three passengers, all young (maybe teens).  License plate 360 HXN (?-87% sure)  The van had a handicap plaque hanging from its rear view mirror.



I received word today, the driver was found.  Charged and released into the custody of his mother.  They do have insurance, so my worries about my car are now settled.  

I have to admit I was sure this was going to land on me, that they weren’t going to find him.  So when the officer called today, I was overjoyed.  The officer told me the driver was found, charged and if there was an issue with insurance to contact him and additional charges would be filed.  I am beyond thrilled God answered my prayer.  That this boy was found.  I hate that this young kid was charged with a hit and run, but what he did was wrong.  Leaving the scene was wrong.  It’s a hard lesson, but one he had to learn.


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