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Because it’s what the blog is called.


Yesterday, I killed it.  I was that mom/wife/adult that was running on all cylinders.  I got up early, counted out the girl scout deposit. Did everything I was supposed to until Lucas got onto the bus.  Randy and I loaded up in the car and went to the bank.  Cashed my first paycheck in a long time, maybe a decade.  Took Super-Randy to the doctor to get his staples removed.  We ate out for lunch because he was such a trooper about getting the metal pieces removed from his head.  Then I made the choice to got Toy-R-Us to pick up a gift.  Then we went to Hobby Lobby, the library and then home to get the other kids off the bus.  It was a day that I felt amazing.  But it was a bit shaded by a bad moment, a great day was jaded by the actions of others.


We got to Toys R Us it was very apparent they were a busy store.  A super busy store. The line for check out was wrapped around the aisle into the side of the building.  But it’s that time of year.  I’m just going to have to deal with it. So after I pick up my item(s) I get in this long, long line. First and foremost, I expect Randy to throw a fit. He’s a three-year-old toddler.  I’m preparing for a long line, with a cranky toddler.  I have my phone, I have my ideas and we are going to get through it.  I was ready to keep him quiet.  But oh, let me tell you that my toddler who had been out and about for many hours at this point was a PRINCE CHARMING compared to the grown adults around me in line.

I know that standing in line is never pleasant.  NEVER. But (here comes my point of view) as an adult, we should take note of how we are acting.  The couple that was in front of me kept whiny about how long the line was, that there weren’t enough cashier registers open. That the manager was an idiot for not having the store properly staffed.  This couple went on and on about it.  The grandma behind me was not any better.  She was going on and on about how the line was so long, how she should have had all her shopping already done. Blah Blah Blah.  I mean really.  This is how the adults of the world are acting over a line.  Whatever happened to being understanding and compassionate?  What if the manager could only get the five cashiers in.  The store has signs saying they are now hiring.  Maybe, that is the case.  They do not have enough staff. I mean yes, I have some idea of how retail works.  Hasn’t everyone taken a retail job here and there?

I know that right now it’s the popular thing to disgrace the younger generation, how lazy, coddled they are.  While that may be very true, what does it say about our elders when they can’t be patient for a few minutes.  What kind of example are they setting for the lazier generations?  I was appalled by their behavior.  I can’t believe that I was ever that way because I was.  I was impatient and rude.  I just don’t even know how that was okay.  Yesterday’s experience showed me just how awful and appalling that behavior is. So in my opinion, we need to take a minute to think about what our actions are saying about us.  The actions of those adults yesterday, they showed me that the adults that whine about everything are part of the problems today.


But that is just my point of view.



That is all.


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