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November was hard.  Was busy.  Was difficult.  Was stressful.


Why was it all of that?  Because not only was it the normal crazy life.  But there was also Thanksgiving.  Then there was NANO.

Nano is National Novel Writing Month.  It is a writing challenge to write a 50,000-word novel in 30 days. It’s a challenge I’ve attempted in three other years, but have never been able to win.  This year I had a plan.  I had an outline.  I had good strong characters. I had a plot that I was ready to dive into. And dive in I did.  For the first few days, I was doing pretty okay.  I had a goal of 2000 words a day.  Some day I met that goal.   Other days I just met the par of the day. Then I started working.  And I missed about three days of writing.  That was due to the fact I worked and was awake for 32 hours.  But somehow, I managed to in the nick of time to get exactly 50,001 words.



I really don’t know how I did it. But somehow I was able to get it all done.   It meant a lot of late nights.  More than once I was up until one or two.  While the day resets at midnight.   It was good to sit and get the number for the day as high as I could and then sit down at the end of the day and do as much as possible.  It wasn’t the best system but I suppose it worked.  Now I just have to finish the draft and edit.  I really have to edit.  Edit. Edit. Edit.

But November also brought me a job.  As I mentioned before I started working. I picked up a part-time job.  Wanted the extra income for Christmas. But having the job has been taxing on my schedule. Because as most of you know, my husband works ALL the time! So, me working really tips things over in weird ways.

It’s been difficult to get things pulled together.  I mean my mother has been EXTREMELY helpful.  Along with my bestie Christy. Between the two of them, I have been able to get to work and not worry about my children. That has been so nice.

Then I’ve been super worried the last few days of the month as my maternal grandmother  has been in the hospital. So I’ve been super concerned about her. And we had to run my son to the ER.  He jumped and bashed his head open. Four staples later, he is fine. It was just really  stressful.


November was long.  It was short.  It was nothing but a cluster of time disappearing.


that is all.


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