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Was Exhausting.


Days passed in such a blur that I could barely keep up with myself, let along three kids and a husband.  It was so demanding and all-encompassing that I just now am figuring out that it’s over.  Let alone over a week into the next month.

Each and every Sunday we were at church.  I just recently started going back to Sunday School.  So Sunday’s are even longer.  The morning became harder to get up earlier and all that.


Monday was a very easy day.  Just had to get the kids to school.  This particular day was good because I could use it to catch up and rest.  Which, I did.  But I would also try to get caught up on my housework and blog work.


Tuesdays were hard.  Not only did I schedule a ton of doctors appointments on these days.  (They used to be the day hubby was off) but we had Tuesday School and getting the short stack to Pre-K.  Then we had to go pick up Sissy from after school chorus practice.  One Tuesday of the month, I had a service unit meeting for Girl Scouts. That was good. But another thing on that calendar that was crazy busy full.
Wednesday was difficult because they were the point in the week where everyone would start having tantrums.  There was no reason, but by this day, everyone was just a bit touchy.  I would do as much housework I could while trying to keep The Television Watcher and Agents of SHIELD fansite pages up to date.  Then when the buses would get here in the afternoon it was the crunch.  I had a two-hour window to get all homework done and get the kids fed so we could go to church.  That in itself is very stressful.  Then we had the transition of Lucas learning how to go back to the WWJD crew, which was hard because he’s worse than me when it comes to change.  I loath it, he fights it.  So he wraps his hands around my neck and hangs there (because I refuse to hold him) until Becce pries him off of me and I run.   That sounds awful I know.   But he needs the “classroom” setting.  He needs to be around kids his own age.  And it’s not because he’s scared.  No, this is because he’s stubborn.


Thursday are crazy days because there are girl scout meetings.  The actual day part is fairly easy, but starting about 2 pm, I have to make sure I have everything together to address these girls, all the supplies together.  Then there is the rush to make supper before Haylie and I leave.  I herd cats at girl scouts.  I love my girl scouts.  But they get loud sometimes.  I mean really. It was a crazy train and when I would get home it would be just done time.

Friday was mostly likely my easiest of days. This day it was just a matter of getting Haylie to school and keeping the boys alive.  Not a lot of places to go.

Saturdays we had something to do every single day.  EVERY SINGLE SATURDAY there was something on the calendar. One weekend my daughter was camping. The next one we helped move my cousin home. We had a family thing the next weekend.  Then I had the Hallelujah Party to do on another weekend. Last weekend I had a girl scout event.  See every weekend we had something.  It took a lot of energy.


Other things that happened in October. I cut my hair.


I went from:20161031_105502

to: 20161031_142659


It was a busy and crazy month.  November was equally crazy, as you can see how long it has taken me to write and finish this post.


the end.



that is all.


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