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Equality Important Secondary Title.


Sometimes I just want to blog, but when I attempt to make a title for it, it becomes hard. So I rumble around and either don’t blog or makeup really bad titles.  Love me anyway.

7:30 am

Today has been only a few hours in and I’m struggling.

I don’t say that enough.  I always try to not complain about my struggles.

But today I just have to lay it out there.  Right now I feel like blah.  I’ve been doing my plexus routine.  But I’ve been so lethargic that it’s really messing with me.  On top of a very sick migraine that I had yesterday.   I don’t know what is up with my body, but it’s felt darn near impossible to get anything done, here lately.   I have made attempts and gotten some small victories.  But it doesn’t seem to matter, because, in a house of five monsters, small victories aren’t enough.

In one day we can go through three dozen dishes.  And with a dishwasher not working, well that is a lot of dishes.  Clothing is another massive problem in the house and with the dental work and headaches, it’s been hard to do what needs to be done.  In fact, when I’m down, I’m out.  And I’m the only one who does the laundry.  Haylie is in training, but with school all day, and homework and her extra activities, it’s not like she has time.  Nor should I make her do a ton of work. She’s learning how to do it, but I can’t expect it all to fall to her.

1 pm

I took a break from this and was able to actually get a load of laundry dried, kiddo #2 on the bus, and kiddo #3 fed lunch.  So I’ve been doing things.  I’ve even written 1402 words on my Nano piece.

So that is something.

I’m just here today.  Feeling like a thick dense fog has rolled in.  I’m sure it’s just residue from a migraine.  But thankfully that has seemed to die out.  Now I just have to have more than a small victory.


….that is all.


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