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Distractions Everywhere



When I want to be focused…


Everything seems to be a distraction.  This entire blog post is one big distraction.  The layout for the promo on Agents of SHIELD for tonight’s episode was a distraction.  The dishes I washed by hand, also a distraction.  Even the three episodes of General Hospital that I’ve been able to get watched, has been a distraction. What am I so distracted from.  The 2000 words that I’m trying to get written today for the first day of NANO.  That is right, I’m attempting the NaNoWriMo challenge again this year. nanowrimo_2016_webbadge_participant


I sat down to start the first scene that I’ve thought out so thoroughly that I don’t know why I’m not writing it.  It’s been plotted that It should be cake, but yet, I’m sitting here and am allowing myself to be so distracted that I can’t get anything.  I’m only at 337 of a wanted 2000.  I just don’t know why I won’t allow myself to get this done.  I’m so bad for distracting myself.  I need a writing program that can block everything out.  I know they have them, maybe I should search for one tomorrow after I hit Wednesday’s 2000 words.


Basically, I’m rambling because while I want to do one thing, my mind won’t allow me, so it drifts to a thousand other things.  That and every time I seem to get the sentences stringing together, a boy runs out in tears, or something.  Because they aren’t listening to me tonight.  Like always.  (That is a whole other blog post.)


I’m bouncing between this and my new story.  Because this NANO piece is an entirely new story.  I need to finish all my other drafts, but I wanted to do a new piece for this NANO attempt.  I’ve officially finished the prologue for the story.  But now I need another 1500 words for the daily word count.  I mean I really don’t, but I want to have that done so that I can be ahead of schedule.  I only need 1666 words for today, to be on schedule.  But of course, I want to be ahead of that.

And that is all I have for this distraction.  Thanks for hanging out with my random rambles.



……That is all.


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