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Please be Kind.


The summer is coming to a close, that is how I feel at the beginning of August.  Mostly because school starts in the middle of the month.  It’s the month that I either thrive from, or barely survive.  There is no in between.  It’s also the last month that I really have time to just be.  August is the gatekeeper month so to speak, because once it’s over, it’s becomes a time frame in which, I’m super busy.

So as I start my August 2016, I’m thinking about my daughter last year of elementary school.  Hoping that I can help her make good memories.  Encourage her to be a good student.  Help her be active in choir and girl scouts.  I can’t believe that we are in her final year of elementary school.  I know that as she continues her education it will get harder for her, but I know how smart my daughter is and can’t wait to watch her grow.

Then along with my daughters school stuff, I am thinking about my oldest son, I enrolled him in preschool yesterday. Now I have to wait to see if he’ll be approved into a program.  And if he is, well, this momma will be very emotional.  I can’t wait for him to grow and learn.  To expand his knowledge (he’s already so smart) but I also want to keep him a baby.  It breaks my heart to see how big he is already.  To think he’ll get on a bus and go to a school for even a half of a day. Well that breaks my heart.

Now I could repeat the above paragraph changing the worlds oldest son to youngest and preschool into Tuesday school.  Now Randy isn’t officially enrolled, but I am sure that I will be able to get him in, and that breaks my heart for all the reasons listed above.  I can’t believe my babies are really toddlers and thinking about becoming school aged children.
Along with this time of year I’m thinking about how things are going to change with the school routine.  Which is a good thing, but it’s also a stressful thing.  There is so much to do and now many hours less in the day.  But then there is other good stuff coming, like fall.  Amazing T.V.  meaning that blog work is going to get busy again.  (The Television Watcher, Agents of SHIELD)  Fall days will be coming and I love when the leaves fall.  Fall and Spring are my favorite seasons and I hope we have a good fall, not a hot one, not one that is gone in a blink of an eye.  I don’t want to rush into winter by any means.  Thought August means it getting close.  And I’m the kind of crazy that has already started thinking about Christmas gifts for people and making sure I have addresses for Christmas cards (If you want a card, I want to send you one; email me your address)

But as I end this blog, three days into August, I can only hope this month is easier than the first seven months because those have been hard.  So for now….



…that is all.


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