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Summer 2016

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What I’ve been up too…


So, I haven’t blogged on my personal blog since May, and that was really only to mark that my daughter had ended her school year.  Since then I’ve worked on The Television Watcher.  (Check it out, please I work so hard on it)  But not really did anything on my devotional blog or this one.  But tonight as I sit here and try to wind myself down from the weekend that has been a bit brutal, I thought I would try to update anyone who cares.


Summer 2016, has been very good, a bit boring, and a touch productive.  Overall I have to say that I am not really looking forward to this summer ending.  One I feel like I haven’t accomplished enough. Though I do always feel like that.  Does anyone ever feel like have accomplished enough?  Does anyone end a day going, that was enough?  Because I swear I never do.



I’ve adulted a bit this summer.  One day in specific Phil was home and he was mowing, weeding and started a fire.  While the fire was going we were able to burn some of the junk in our yard.  Also I was able to clean out the garage a bit and get some of that junk burned.  It was one of those really HOT day and I was sweating so badly (like we won’t talk about how bad).  But it was really a productive day.  I found all kinds of puzzle pieces that had been missing.  I was able to makes some space in the garage.  Not enough for anything good to happen.  But progress was made and sometimes you just have to  appreciate that.  Which is what I did that day.  [I still went to bed wishing I had done more.] But it was a day that I had adulted really hard.  Because along with that garage work, Phil and I did some stuff with the interior work.  Meaning that we got some more of our decor up.  Like I fixed our cool shelf in the living room, and he hung up new shelves so that we can display our Loote Crate stuffs.

I’ve also adulted in the ways of keeping kids alive.  Cleaning on a regular basis.  Taking care of bills.  All that stuff you have to do but really don’t give a lot of acknowledgement towards. So my summer had included a ton of adulting.



My summer has also included reading, thus far,  eight books.  That count starts in June.  And it isn’t going to stop.  I have already finished my Good-reads reading challenge. But because I was thinking I wasn’t going to do well this year with reading, I only challenged myself to 12 books.  Thinking I would read one a month.  But thank God reading has flourished.  Reading is one of those things that I often let fall to the wayside because I think I’m too busy or something.   In case you want to know what I have read this year thus far, awesome cool list:

Seven Minutes in Heaven

The Walking Dead, Book One
Cross My Heart, Hope to Die
Hide and Seek
Two Truths and a Lie
Never Have I Ever
The Lying Game
The Bell Jar
Labor Day
The Martian
Twilight Tenth Anniversary/Life and Death Dual Edition






I won’t be done reading any time soon either, right now I have over 10 books checked out of the library, including half of the graphic novel of The Walking Dead because, well, why not.  Including some classics like Fitzgerald and Hemingway.  I also am reading:
White Oleander Because well, Adaline Bowman reads it in “The Age of Adaline” and why read a book that you saw in a movie.  And it’s better than reading Young Adult for the rest of my life.  Even though I do love YA books.



This is topic is a bit at a stand-still, because as of right now I’m not babysitting.  The Mom of the kids took some time off, and over the last week or so I haven’t had the kids.  But most of the summer I have.  And let me tell you six kids, one me.  It’s been an adventure.  But fun too.  My plans for schedules and all that hasn’t gone so great.  But it’s been good too.  My kids have been able to have fun with other kids.  The lunch schedule has been good for my boys, they are sort of learning how to sit at a meal and eat.  It’s not always a success, but some days it is. I’ll get my extra kids back.  But I’m not sure how much longer I’ll have them.  Because well they are growing up and soon they will be going to different schools.  I’ll miss them so much when I lose them.  It’s not just about earning money and feeling like I’m contributing to the family.  But I do love those kids so much.



I only add this to say that I’ve been working on it a little.  But not too much.  I have all these ideas but it’s hard to sit down and get them all laid out.  I wish I could just sit down and put it down. Much like I’m doing right now with this blog, but every time I do, it’s like a mental wall goes up.  It doesn’t get to get down. I want it too, but I feel like I’m ice when I have time.  That is all I can say about that right now.

The other side of the writing is journaling.  That I’ve been doing.  Not so much in the traditional sense of sitting and writing my feelings.  But making list and having a bullet journal has sort of helped me cope.  Keep my head straight.  Which helps me.  I know I’m not falling apart.  I know I have things in order.  I’m keeping track of things.  It really just helps me know where I stand.  That and coloring and my new list book.    20160723_231355.jpgThe book makes me think about things I love, hate, like, want, ect and that makes me slow down.  Sometimes when I feel myself over thinking, I am able to  make my head just stop and redirect.  Which honestly has helped me.  I don’t have to be cranky when I’m stressed.  I have an outlet.



That has been my summer for the most part.  Things have moved along.  We’ve had some really fun days.  Like my family went and had a fun day at the Louisville Zoo.  The boys were so good.  They walked the whole place themselves.  The didn’t run away or get to bad.  It wore them out.  But it was so much fun watching my kids love watching the animals.  It was just a good day to be a family.  We don’t get many family outings.

I can’t really thinking of anything else that I need to write about.  The summer is moving by so fast.  I’m looking forward to Monday and an excellent fun time with my sister.  There will be other people, but I’m planning on loving the time I get with her.  We have just about a month until school starts back and then I don’t know what I’ll be doing.  It will probably just be me and the boys until Haylie gets off the bus.  Maybe will get to go do fun stuff.  They are finally getting to an age where public is easier.  So we shall see. For now….


…that is all.


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