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An End.

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Last Day


Today is the last day of the 2015-2016 school year for the county we live in. Which in reality isn’t that big of a deal. School years come and go. Teachers all are ready to relax and then have basically a month off, before they start professional development and preparations for the next year.

But this mommy, well I’m sad.  Today is the last day of my baby girls 4th grade year. Which means in the fall when we go back, she’ll be at in her last year as an elementary schooler.  That makes my heart sad.  I remember the days when it was just me and her.  No school.  No jobs.  Just her and I against the world.  Now she’s growing and it’s her learning all about the world, going off in adventures with the world.


It just makes me sad. Happy too, but sad.





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