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Because it’s been too long


Life never goes as you plan. In fact I thing the second I plan something out, I’m dooming myself to the fact that i will not be able to follow my plan. The first of the year I took all this time to plan how I wanted my 2016 to go and almost immediately it went side ways. Now I look at the calendar and its practically May and I know that I haven’t done nearly anything I wanted. Hat and the isn’t saying it’s all bad. In fact things here lately have been really good.

Life has gone, and days pass and to quote Meredith Grey, the carousel never stops spinning. But it’s not all bad. I fact I’ve been rocking out on the whole being a grown up. I fully aware I am thirty, married, and have three kids. But I still don’t feel like an adult. In fact I refer to myself as a responsible child. But then again, I know that I’m not a teenager because when I am around them, I just know. I am fully aware that I’m more grown up.

But whatever.

Life, let’s get back to that. Life is good. I have to say that again. There was a time when all I was, was stressed out. Feeling terrible. Hurting. Suffering. But I’m not anymore. Yes I do still have my very annoying days, where I could crumble. But I don’t. I could say that I’m just better. That I’ve grown, but I know what my truth is. My truth is I’ve reconnected my relationship with my Lord and Savior. And that has made all the difference. I won’t go into too much detail here, because well I have an entire other blog devoted to my faith. I’ve talked about it more than once over there. Feel free to skip over there, and view the in-depth story.

So my kids are older, Lucas is weeks away from being four years old. He’s talking so well, it’s crazy. He wants a blue race car cake for his birthday party. He’s so big, and so smart, and he’s finally finding the balance of moody and good. Meaning that while he’s still a pistol, he’ll listen and try to be good. It isn’t a committed act. But he’s trying. I just can’t believe my baby boy will be four. It’s heartbreaking. Then I look at my Randy. He’ll be three on his birthday later this year. That makes this mamma’s heart shatter. I mean for real. He’s my baby and he’s talking so good. He’s dived head first into terrible twos. Which means that he’s into everything and has no fear. It is just as bad as Lucas. Which is terrifying. For those who don’t remember, Lucas was very dangerous in this stage, and it feels like Randy is going to be just as dangerous. There was an incident with HUGE GIANT knives and a camping chair that could have been deadly if it wasn’t caught. And p.s. before everyone goes nuts on me. The knives were locked in a drawer. That’s how smart this boy is.

Then there is Haylie. She’s going to be ten in a few months. She is very sassy. And believes that she’s bigger than she really is. Now don’t get me wrong, she’s a growing girl. But she has it in her head that she has some sort of power in the house over the kids I babysit and her brothers. That is just not the case. And it’s been a hard lesson for her. She’s also doing really weird things. Like not thinking about her actions. It’s weird. She’s doing good in school and what not. She’s just really pushing my buttons.

But for me, I’m happy. I’m babysitting which is fun. I’ve thrown my sister-in-law a bridal shower, which was fun. I’ve gotten a new washing machine. I’ve been cleaning my house awesome. It’s just too bad I have three toddlers running around destroying it behind me. It would look amazing if I was a single woman, or a childless woman. But then again, if I was either of those things, I wouldn’t live in such a large house. Yes, this is me blaming those I live with for the constant mess in my house. Because I swear since I’ve had the blessing of energy thanks to plexus. I’ve been cleaning every day. Right now I’m at the phase of get rid of things I don’t need anymore.

So that’s me. Life is good. Kids are good. Hubby is good. (All he does is work, and he doesn’t like it when I write about him.)

that is all.


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