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March is here now.  So it’s time to do another update.  February was much better than January was.  It was better than I expected to since it can be an awful month sometimes. The past few years February might have been my birth month, but it was so much worse.  But I’m not going to dwell on that.  In fact, I’m going to take a swift right turn away from that subject.


In my first of the year plan update, I talked about all these things I wanted to continue doing and get better at doing this year.  Then January was a huge bust, it was awful.  But again, if you read my post, you know this already.  So once February hit the calendar I wanted to make sure I was defiantly wanting to correct this behavior.  And for the most part, I did.


I started the month off as if it was a new year.  Happy 2016; all over again.  While there was no pomp or circumstance, I just started fresh and I have to say that for the overwhelming majority of the month, I was good.  In fact, due to my productivity, I was able to get my linen closet reorganized, a good chunk of my closet better.  I got my t-shirts not flopped on the shelf, and Phil’s shorts and white tees better, not in a basket sitting on the shelf. While those manners worked, it did look the best.  And I really want things to look better in my house.  I want to make my house look nicer, not just stacked up as it’s been for so many years.  Along with this, I’m hoping to weed out belongings, meaning that if I can’t fit in it, I’ll pass it along.  But I did that.


One of my goals for Feb was to get my taxes done before the month ended.  This is something that never happens in my family, we are a mid-March tax refund family.  So having this done early was a big deal. It’s been helpful too.  Since we got the refund, and have paid three debts off.  I love paying debts off.  It’s the best way to adult.  I can’t believe I was adulty with my money. But it was a good deal.


The other big goal of this month was all about reading. Sadly, I must report that this is a failure.  I still haven’t really touched a book this year.  I’ve read a few pages here and there but nothing that matters.  Nothing at all.  No real progress or work towards finishing any books. So that is a disappointment, but with me, reading is so up to time and moods.  If I have the time, I’m tend to not be in the mood.  If I’m in the mood, I don’t really have the time.  It’s a predicament.


I had hoped to get my quilt back out.  That was another one of my goals.  That is also a failure.  It has come to my attention that I need three or four of me.  This is something that I’ve said before. And it’s still very true.  The quilt comes down to time.
In order to:

  • make the blog post I want to make
  • write the columns I want to write
  • keep the house in any sort of form of clean
  • AND keep the children in one piece

Some things that I just can’t get to do.   While I wish that I could have gotten it out this past month, maybe it’ll be something I do this month.


Another thing that was successful this month was keeping TV Watcher and AOS running, which just means that I was weekly posting something.  Which is a good thing.  Actually, a really cool thing happened with the AOS website.  Clark Gregg, Director Coulson, shared my link and my site when huge for a few days.  Highest views as I’ve had for a while.   The fit I had over was huge.  I mean it was amazing.  It was more than I could have ever asked for–though I do hope that it happens again. In fact, I pray it happens again.  If it would happen weekly, that would be so super great.  But I can’t be a beggar.


The biggest goal of February was making sure I had fun with my big birthday.  And while it wasn’t the greatest night of my life, it was a good time. I laughed.  I smiled.  I had fun.  I spent the time with my family that I wanted to spend.  Do I wish that I had friends around me, yes, but it was still a great time– a very good great time.


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