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Sunday  Mornings

Here of late I have taken to looking at the mommy  experience with rose color glasses.   I don’t want to be the mom always complaining about how difficult child rearing is.  If you are now or have been a mother of a toddler, you know.   You just know how crazy and chaotic the time is.  There is a consistent fluttering that happens when you have a toddler.  Well I have two toddlers and then the consistent  drone of the upset overdramatic   nine-year-old.  So I am over- the-top smashed between a child’s issue.  With all that being said, it would be really easy to go down the rabbit  hole of complaining about being a parent, so the rose-colored glasses are helping me to just focus on the good and make me happy about being a parent.

Until we get to Sunday  morning. That morning my glasses do not work.  If you know me, or just follow my blog, you know I have a deep and rooted  faith in Jesus Christ.  And as a part of my faith I attend a church regularly.  So my Sunday mornings are spent attempting to commune with my Savior.  Which isn’t easy with two toddlers and a nine-year.  I adore my church, and things are changing,   but  for now there is no children’s programs. Meaning my   babies are in the service. They are doing better, but most Sundays I  walk away from my church wondering why I bothered,

After fighting tooth and nail to get the kids all dressed and making sure that they have eaten   breakfast and out the door on time.  We get to church and I’m already exhausted.  Then it’s a constant fight between making them sit as still as a 2 and 3-year-old can, and hearing what the services is saying. I have heard so many half sermons, that I’m sure I’m at least half saved (Which we all know we can’t be.) But half-hearted joking aside; by the time the service is done, so am I. And I love my husband, but he’s in such a rush to get outside, that I’m stuck with three kids running in three directions. I’m lucky. I have a great family support, but it’s just really hard. Because each child is running around, and refusing to sit still and have their shoes put on, or their jackets. I have gotten to my car some mornings and just flat-out cried, over the lack of control I have over my children.

I won’t give up trying. Because they are only little for a little while, and I want them to be raised in church. No matter how much fighting I must do while they are little. But for this mommy, Sunday mornings are the hardest morning for me. It’s the morning that I wonder why my children are so hard to handle. It’s the morning I fall down the rabbit hole of feeling every single trial of being a parent. What is the hardest day for you other mommies? Is there a day of the week that you dread, because you know how it will turn out?



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