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The Cookie Mom Experience.

Being a Cookie Mom is a new experience. I have helped my little girl scout sell and hand out cookies before. But nothing can prepare you for the onslaught that being the Cookie Manager is. I know that seems extreme; but I kid you not, it’s hard work. I’m only two weeks into it. I’m fairly sure this is going to be the most stressful time in my life and I have three newborns. One newborn while in college, another with a move, and a third with a 16 month old. I’m sounding way over dramatic, I know, but cookies sales are hard man. They are hard.

When I say that cookies sales are hard, I mean not only am I helping my little scout with her business. And by helping I mean organizing her cookies, and reminding her that she needs to go be the great amazing sells person she is. But then I’m the troop cookie mom/manager. Meaning that I had to go pick up the 70 cases of cookies that the troop needed. Then I had to sort them per girl. Now I’m waiting on all the other parents to come pick them up. I have two girls cookies gone. Now I’m just waiting six more parents. So that is going to be fun. Waiting and I are old enemies. I hate to wait, I want things done now. Not later. Though I do a lot of putting off. What can I say I’m a complex Mom.

The serious part of this is I know that I’m helping my daughter. I’m doing something good for her and her troop. Her troop is a sweet set of girls who I love and adore. They are really amazing young ladies. I’m proud of all they do. I love being a girl scout mom. So if that means going to two different babysitters, so that I can go get cookies, and unload them, then go to a meeting the same day, i’ll do it. If that means sitting up late and counting cookies, I’ll do it. Loading up toddlers to go the bank. I’ll do it. Because I have no idea how long it will last, but I’m so glad that I get have this chapter in my life. And instead of ranting and raving about how stressing cookies are, how overwhelming it all feels, I’m going to give my best effort to love and appreciate the time I’m getting to put into my child. The time I’m giving to my daughter.

So that is my Cookie Mom Experience, overwhelming, daunting, but trying to enjoy it–not just survive it.

and for now:
that is all


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