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Monday is the fresh start of a work week. Or a really bad day, it depends on perspective. For me it’s a bit of half and half. Being a Mom I use weekends to really make a boundary for my time. I do little to no house work on the weekends. I try very hard to make sure that my Saturday and Sundays are spent doing other things. Like killing time like other. I think of my housework as my work, and like any other person I don’t go into work on weekends. Well, unless you are my husband and work 6 days a week. But that is a different story I suppose. So anyways, but for some reason about two weeks ago my Monday become hard. I don’t know if it was stress, winter blues, grief, or what but about two weeks ago, Monday was hard, and that hardness spilled over into the following days. I mean I really didn’t do much for two weeks. I tried, but that trying was lackluster at best.

Meaning that I wasn’t being successful at my job. I know that being a mom isn’t a job, but I do think of the housework as my job. Had I been at a real 9 to 5 I would have been fired. Two weeks passed and I am finally back out of it. Finally back to the point where I am not drowning. I’m back to treading water, not making any distance, but not going under. Sometimes that is all a person can ask for. I know that this whole two weeks has been a HUGE GIANT step backwards. Or maybe a sprint backwards. Either way it’s not my plan to go backwards. I’m not allowing myself to go backwards anymore.

So while I really am now NOT counting January in my 2016, there is a great thing saying that January is the 30 day trail month and I’m buying into this thought. January while not bad, has been rough for me. My mood, my food intake (good God have I splurged and plundered and not drank my plexus.) My everything has just been low. So I’m just going to ride the last few days out. Then I’m going to restart in February. It’s my month of 30. Because when February is over, so will be my twenties. I’m just going to hold my head up high and move forward. It’s just the way it has to be this time around. Now I’m not saying that I’m going to waste away in blah-ness this next few days. I’m going to do what any self-respecting person does, they prepare for the new year. I’m going to clean this week. I’m going to write, and try to figure out a way to better hold myself accountable for what I do during the weeks. I had all these plans for this year. I posted in a beginning of the year post, and that was a solid plan. But as most of my plans did, for January this one failed. The one good thing was that I read a book. While I need to read two in order to make that part of my plan complete, at least I read a book.

I don’t know why I had a two-week black out period where I basically did no house work, or projects. But I hope that I can salvageĀ something of my month. But I’m just hitting the reset button.
And while I know that I will never get this time back, I’m moving forward. Forgiving myself for being so blah and letting my house get a touch dirty again. Take pride in the fact that I can and will catch up. Be pleased that while I didn’t want to, I allowed myself to take a needed break. And move forward again. It’s just a few days, and in my lifetime I hope that two weeks is just a drop in the bucket.

So as I enter into my last Monday of January, I’m going to be refreshed and renewed as if I’m just now starting my new year. I’ll be happy and calm and just face it a huge smile on my face.

Well, that’s my plan anyway.

that is all.


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