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Overthinking Next Year.



First and foremost:



I can’t believe that we are in another year, more importantly I can’t believe that this year I’ll be celebrating my 30th year on this planet.  That seems insane to me.  I really can’t fathom that I’ve been around for as long as I have been. But that is a whole other blog post topic…..30th birthday post, coming to a screen near you in February.


But this post is called planning, so while there is the whole quote, you make plans to hear God laugh or something like that.  So I make plans to just sort of give myself an outline.  I know how much things change.  How quickly something can be derailed and feel impossible to get back on track.  But here is the ideal of how I’d like the year to go.



This month I want to really set myself up for the year, organize myself.  I want to get all my tax stuff done and ready to file, by Feb 1st.  I want to use this time to adjusting to Girl Scouts new plan, and babysitting more kids, and really just getting things back into alignment.  Especially when it comes to my blogs. I want to get POV back on track, and post daily on TV watcher and AOS.  Also I want to hunker down and get headstrong about writing everyday creatively and spending time with God in a special way.  It’s really key for my year long plan that I have this found balance and will power early so that I can get the rest of the year running smoothly.  I also plan on reading two books.  I got one a while back I never finished.  And I have a book that I borrow/was lent to me two years ago that I need to finish.  It’s my goal to finish these two books in January.


Hopefully I’ll manage my way through the first few days, keeping up with everything I started in January.  I want to file my taxes by the second week at the latest.  This is a goal that I’m really set on keeping.  Mostly because I hate not getting them done til March.  It annoys Phil and really annoys me.  So that is my first goal.  I’m wanting to start another two books this month.  I got an awesome book from the sister in law for Christmas and I’m dying to burn through it.  Then I want to read another book, I haven’t decided which one yet.  Maybe I could finally start the Maze Runner series? This is the month that I hope to get back to my quilting project.  I haven’t touched it since August 2015 maybe?  Since I had to hunker down on the hallelujah party.

Also and more importantly I want to have a FUN time celebrating my birthday.  I have no idea on what to do, or even if I want to have a party.  I just want to make sure that turning 30 is fun.  I mean I’m to the point in life where I’m happy. I have a wisdom I didn’t have ten years ago.  I have a joy in my heart that I’m not letting go of.  I just want to make sure that I don’t let a number bother me.  I want to make sure that do 30 right.  I did 20 with a group of friends, knowing I was preggo, with a hubby over seas, that was fun.  (Eating in Olive Garden in TN)  and I want to make sure that 30 is fun.


I want to read an additional two books, and have my quilt finished.  No matter how bad it might look.  It’ll go on my bed and make me happy. Then maybe I could make another one.  I don’t know.  That might be too much to ask for.  So soon anyway.  But I want to create one and then maybe even hone a skill. I want to take the time to really make sure that the blogs are doing well, and that I’m not just doing task to mark them off a list, but that I really want to do them.  That I’m happy still.  March tends to be a hard month for me, mentally.  It’s like that end of winter and but not quite the start of spring just lingers on and on, and I don’t want to be down about it.  I also want to make an Ikea trip this month.  I think by then I’ll have my money saved to buy me new bookcases for the living room. (mine are currently making me very nervous.) And I’d love to get some new organization things for the house.  And if I can swing it.  I’d love to get a new desk.  I love my little corner desk, but it puts my back to the room, no matter where I put that, and I hate not watching the kids while they play. I want a desk that I can set up and be able to see over and around so that my back is not to them.  I blog and attempt to write so much that I really need a better work station.  And if I could get a desk with a deep drawer system, I could file my stuff rather than use the bags system I’ve been using.


My goal for April is to enjoy being outside.  I know that is really weather dependent.  I can’t go outside if it’s too cold, sticky, wet, ect but I’m going to try to make sure that the boys are running around and burning off that energy they have.  I love that we got them tablets and all these toys, but I want to make sure that they aren’t house bodies.  They need sunshine and running around. There is my hubby and daddy’s birthday’s as well, will have to have some nice dinners out for them.  No parties.  They don’t like them.

Again I want to tackle two books.  I don’t have a real plan on what too, maybe I should do that.  But I know that every month I should be reading two books.  It really should be three, but that depends on the level of crazy that the boys are providing. And they tend to be quite over-the-top.  I also really want to be sure that I’m maintain all the things that I’m wanting January to bring.  I want to start walking too, or maybe finally finding the energy to get out of bed, before Phil leaves and running in the morning.

Another goal this month is to plan, and throw an amazing bridal shower for my sister-in-law.  So amongst all my other goals, working with her for her wedding is something that I also intend to do.


Well obviously, and at this point very repetitious of me, but I want to read a different two books this month.  I have a ton that are on my two read list, and so picking two will be easy, in theory anyway.    I want to be creative this month in a way that isn’t writing.  At this point I should have a large number in days on 750 words dot com, so that should be creative writing, I have this book of prompts and that is what I’m going to use daily.  That is one of those January projects, that I glossed over. But this month I want to expand my creativity.  I don’t know what, maybe a painting project, maybe I could finally get to that dresser that needs sanded and repainted.  I really not sure, but I want to spread some creative wings.  Truth is I want to do this now, but I just know that it’s gonna have to wait until other stuff is taken care of first.   So I want to take May to do something cool.  It will also be the month that I wrap up Girl Scouts, the school year and then plan a something for Lucas’ birthday. My baby will be four on the 28th of May, and that has to be marked in some way.

The first part of my sister in laws bachelorette party will be this month sometime as well.  I hope that we have a ton of fun. I have a great idea.  I know what I’d like to do, it’s just a matter of pulling it off and making the bride happy.


Since I was just talking about the bride, I should mention June my main goal is helping her enjoy her wedding.  But I have other things too.  All my blog work and reading should be mentioned as well.  But my mommy is having a birthday.  I have to commemorate the wonderful woman who gave me life.  She’s not having a milestone birthday, but a big birthday just the same.  And I want to make sure that I celebrate her.  I love you mommy. That needs to be said too.  I will also be just running the routine with the kids over summer.  I hope to have them down in a week.  Breakfast, chores, school work and the playtime.  That way they are working and not getting lazy.


Outside of the other things I’ve talked about in full detail about.  The only think I want to do in July, is to have some fun.  One day at the zoo, one day at the aquarium, one day at the park, one day at the beach…..Okay the beach won’t happen but the other stuff could. I want July to be the month that I break, keep the creative venture, but break from daily grind and have some fun with the kids.  Maybe loosen the reins on house work, and just have some fun.


The main goal is to continue my monthly goals of reading, writing and being creative in some form.  There there is getting my children back to school.  I may or may not be sending Lucas to preschool.  I’ll have to find out about that and me and Phil will have to make that choice.  But Haylie will be entering 5th grade.  I can’t believe that.  That is astonishing and breaks my heart in ways I just don’t know to formulate the words to express.  She’s so old, so big, and still so little in my head.  There is no way that I’m ready for this milestone, or her 10th birthday.  That will happen in September.


My main goal and object this month is to have an awesome school routine set up complete with a volunteer schedule and probably even girl scouts.  Then there will be two birthday parties/somethings because I’ll be celebrating a three-year old and a ten-year old.  The ten-year old has to have something special.  She just does.  It means that I’ll have to have something.  What I have no idea.  I’m sure she’ll have some big opinions on it.


This month is only about Hallelujah Party.  Keeping my sanity and producing a party I’m proud of.  Doing my creative stuff, keeping Haylie’s school work in line, keeping up with girls scouts and managing the party.  That is it.  No birthdays, no plans.  I will eat, live, and pray the party.


Nano is my only true plan of November.  I want to have a full novel completely mapped out by the first of the month so that every single day I can write 2000 words.  Daily on top of my other duties.  I don’t want to abandon the other work I do, but I really want to WIN a nano. I haven’t won one yet. I’ve tried a few different years, and in 2015 I didn’t even try.  So I really want to plan it and attack it and win.  I just really want to. I want to win.  Is that so wrong?  Cause I don’t think so.  I’ve yet to finish a draft that hasn’t been for school in a LONG time,  and that needs to change.  Nano feels like the kick in the butt I need to do that.


I want to be done, ready for Christmas by like the 15th, so that all I have to worry about is food.  Which I’ll be making lots of, something for Gma Knights, for Mom’s, for Kim’s house and most likely something for the family at home too.  I did a lot of food this year, and I’m willing to be that I won’t have to do so much in 2016 but I know I like to bake for my family.  I also hope that all my Christmas cards will be ready to mail by December 5th.



So that is what I hope for the year.  Whether all these things will happen, or if I can mange to do any of it might be a miracle but at least I have a plan, guideline, idea of what I want 2016 to hold for me and my family.


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