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I always try to post about the holidays, especially Christmas. It’s one of the holidays that I make an effort to remember everything. And now three days later, I’m already sure that I’m forgetting some of the smaller details. But here is a recap of what I know:

Christmas Prep: Was fairly easy. it took a bit longer and more trips than normal, but it was fairly easy. We knew what we wanted to get our kids and family. There was only a few people we were unsure about and I turned to fundraiser to fill that out. So all in all that was fairly easy. Christmas cards had been started in July, so that was easy as well. Though I’m sure I missed some people. Either I didn’t have their address or something ridiculous like human error. But prep was easy. We were still down to the last-minute with cooking and wrapping, but I think if we had it done early we wouldn’t know what to do with ourselves.

Christmas Eve: It was different only slightly for me. I actually went out that morning had a few emotional moments. Not discussing that any farther. Then I spent the day cooking. Green beans, potato salad, Christmas crack, two eclair cakes. By the time that was all done, let me tell you, I was spent. Then we went to Phil’s parents. It was a small crowd then normal. But it was still a good time. Until the heathens went wild. But my boys always do. They wanted to jump, hit, climb and everything that they aren’t allowed to do inside. It was exhausting Haylie ended up busting her toe, but she was fine. The kids got sleds, dolls, dinos, tool kits and books. So many books. It really was a good night. We got home, sent the kids to bed and did the end of the day, help Santa out work.

Christmas Day: Great day. Long day. Exhausting day. Started the morning at our house, where the kids were spoiled, where I was spoiled by the hubby. (I got a new iPod nano.) The kids all got tablets, and more toys than I know what to do with. We had fun, and then watching them play with their toys, well it just warmed my heart. They are at that age where they boys really get it. Lucas more than Randy, but still it’s so much fun to see them get excited and rip the paper. The next stop was Mom’s house. There we ate a delicious and wonderful breakfast. And then I was given more than I deserved. My favorite gift was one my mother made. She took photos from things around my childhood home and used them to spell out my family name. The kids were spoiled again. They got toys, clothes, and very awesome things. The next stop was Grandma Knight’s. Where it was a good time, but so freaking hot that you could have roasted a pig in the living room. I was lucky enough that Lucas went to sleep making it easier to chase Randy. Again kids were spoiled. They got new pjs and trucks. Haylie even got a million dollar bill, even though it was a stupid prank. I hate that the man who claimed he was bully as a child, bullies my child. But some men are just rotten at the core. It’s my reaction that I have to worry about, as well as my daughter. I’m choosing to just be happy that he thought about my children, rather than be angry about the evil place his pranks come from.

By time we got home, my house was so messy, and my body so done that we all laid around and watched Inside Out. (great movie, fyi). I

Traveling: My Christmas got extended and I got to go visit my friends in Evansville, I hadn’t seen the one in two years. And while we didn’t do anything exciting or even go anywhere, it was just really nice being in their company. Exchanging stories our how things are going.

Now it’s back to the real world, with Phil at work and cleaning the house. So, that was my Christmas in a nut shell. How was yours?

And as always, that is all.


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