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Ten Years and COUNTING


Today My Husband and I celebrate our ten year wedding anniversary.   And as with everything else in my life, I reflect back and a ton of words flow through my head.   I can not help but think about the day he and I wed. We were two young kids in love.  He was preparing to leave for war and I was in my sophomore year of college.  We had been dating since August 2003.  When he and a group of his friends came into my work place and he asked me out.  He had proposed July 2005, on one knee in his childhood bedroom.

Knowing he was leaving soon for Iraq, he and I decided that we would elope.  Have our church wedding when he returned,  only tell a few people our plan.  That way everyone would still be excited for our wedding.    Anyone who has known me since then knows how badly that plan back fired.  It was never my intent to be a liar or secretive.   I just wanted to have my fairy tale wedding.    But God had another plan: Haylie.   But I am jumping ahead.

On the day we wed it was just any other Tuesday.   It was cold.  He was home on leave for Christmas.   I picked him up in my TBird and we drove around Cincinnati getting his birth certificate.   Then hit up Covington to get a marriage license.   Made an appointment with the justice of the peace because I couldn’t get a hold of my pastor.  And called the parents to come meet us.

We had to change clothes in the justice of the peace office. I wore a simple dress,  he wore his dress blues.  We told the jop to be short and sweet.   This was the day we got married, not our wedding.   But she didn’t see it that way.   She talked and talked.  So much so that my mind began to wonder…..and I will admit that I briefly panicked. But looking at him calmed me.  Every thing in me knew he was made for me, and I for him.  I was lucky enough to have found him so early.   It was simple, we went to Texas roadhouse afterwards. No pomp. Just us.

Though that day really did change everything.  We went from being a what if to a what was.  Ten years later we are still a what is.  I know people say getting married  young is dumb, and will  not work out.  And in some cases they are right, but thank God that they were  wrong about Phil and I.

While our lives have not always been the easiest.  we’ve had  to deal with problems, scares, and  difficulties,  my husband  and  I have stood strong and more importantly  together.

We were given a spirited little Haylie after our honeymoon.  And five years later we were blessed with Lucas  and then  Randy.   We have made a home together. Survived both of us graduating college, a cancer hiccup, an ectopic pregnancy, late nights  with screaming babies, unemployment, over-employment, and the daily grind of life.

I can’t express just how much I love him. Or how blessed I am for having him at my side.  He makes me crazy, a lot, but he also is my perfect other half.   I don’t know where I’d  be  if I didn’t have him as my husband for the last ten years.

I Love you  babe.  Here’s  to ten more and beyond…..can’t  wait  to  see  what they will hold for us.



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