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Because I Can’t Think of a Real Title


Normally I have a point when I make one of these post.  Today I’m a circle.  Get it because I’m pointless.  At least I made myself giggle and you probably rolled your eyes a bit.



So, my quilt is not anything. It’s strips of material that are not put together all that well.  but the good news is that I’ve been thinking about it again.  It got put away because I was doing the Hallelujah Party and then I never picked it up.  But I’ve been thinking about and the box that is holding all my strips is now sitting on my nightstand so I have to look at it.  Think about it.  Need to want to do something about it.   It would be really nice to have it done before the end of the year, but that is 38 days away.  Don’t think that will happen. But it’s okay.  It can be worked on.  It will be finished.  But that is where I stand with that.



I’ve been obviously slacking with this point of view blog.  There was supposed to be weekly post and that hasn’t happened in to months.  I’ve made one post that I know of in the last month, and that was my post-halloween blog post.  It’s a problem.  Journey of Faith is doing somewhat better but not much.  There are posts, but not regularly. I seem to manage every fourth day or so.  It’s not good.  But it’s better than the sadness that has happened here.   But on the other hand.   TV Watcher and AOS is doing okay.  I’ve been posting there every other day.  Except last week when I took a blog vacay…..I should have planned that better, but it didn’t help the graphics card in my computer went out.  They are both getting steady views and are doing decent.  The thing is I still make NO ad money. I have no idea how to change that.  If you have a tip, share it. But that is the blog front.



I make this a category, only to say that I’m so disappointed in myself.  I have no writing thing that I am accomplishing.  I have thing that I’m working on, but have found myself stuck.  Like in a glass box, stuck.  There is no words coming, I have the right idea, but the follow through is just GONE. It’s truly maddening.  I have all these ideas, partial drafts, notes, scribbles and nothing.  Not one single thing is completed, nor can i get to it be.  The only things I finish are poorly done blog post, and a few columns for the churches Facebook page.  And while I’m proud of the columns and the blogs, it’s not the same.  I want to have a career, be a published author.  Not just a penniless  blogger.   Like I didn’t even Nano this year.  I feel like I have no words.



My kids are kids.  They have really amazing sweet tender amazing moments and then in the next second they are making me pull my hair out.

I put the line to show the difference between November 24th when this was started and today when I finish up.

My kids are good.  They do have that whole sweet sour patch thing going.  But it’s good.  Lucas was just in his Christmas performance at school it was so freaking cute.  Three and four-year olds acting out the nativity scene and singing cute adorable songs.  I’m really glad that I decided to take him there, it’s been so good for him.  It’s a long haul, but still, it’s good that I do it.  Haylie’s is awesome.  Annoying, full of attitude, but awesome.  Randy is full of terrible two-ness, but also good. He’s so sweet at times.



We survived Thanksgiving.  Had a pleasant dinner at home–like always.  Then Phil went Black shopping Thursday afternoon.  He was successful as well, so that was good.   Then Mom watched our not sleeping boys when we left at ten pm and got most everyone done as far as shopping goes.  Christmas is coming quickly.  I think we have everything ready.  I’ll have a last-minute thing I’m sure, but I’m fairly happy about how we’ve prepped.  Though Phil hasn’t put our outdoor lights up yet.  Nor have we wrapped a single gift.  But I’m pretty happy.  That everyone has a gift bought for them.  New Years Eve will be low-key, we are going to watch Claire and stay home. I’m pretty much looking forward to that.  Christmas we have 3 places we will be going, Justice’s and Hurley’s and then the Knight’s.  Along with our own Christmas morning with the kids.


Volunteer Efforts

I have been trying to be a good mom and help out at the school.  Yesterday I went up and hung out in the library.  I know that I’m helping and that feeling is good for me.  I like knowing that I’m doing good in the world.  It’s a small task of putting books on the shelves in order.  But it makes me happy to do it.  It makes things a bit rough, cause of finding babysitters or having Phil home. But I know that I’m doing good, and I love feeling like I’m helping.  It counteracts the feelings of being wrong, failure and ineffective.

There is also the girl scouts and that is good.  I have my issues with the paperwork, the order of it all.  But i like hanging out with the girls.  I like interacting with them.  Ten girls all at once gets a touch overwhelming, but it’s fun hanging out and chilling.  They teach me as much I hope I teach them.

That is mostly my life as of now. I’m sure that I’m missing a subject but I’m going with it.



so as always…..


that is all.



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