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My Weekend View

Now I gave this a title of mommy blog, but this is so not being a Mom, but in fact, being a human. Being treated special and getting to go off for a weekend. Every mother knows the job is 24/7. That when the child needs you to be a mom, you’re a mom. My kids will come get in bed with me, they need me for everything. No matter how old they are, they still need me. And all the mom’s I know just go with it. They are the best mom that they can be. I include myself in that. But I won’t lie, it’s hard work. It’s different from holding a job. Not better or worse (I’m not trying to start a Mommy war) it’s just a unique kind of work. Being a Mom to a child is the most unusual and difficult kind of work that I know of. And taking a break from it, is impossible. Well, for me anyway. It takes a blue moon, act of congress and a blessing from the pope in order for me to take time away from my kids. But apparently that is what happened this weekend.

My darling, wonderful, amazing husband decided we both need some down time, and swept me off to at the time, destination unknown. We packed and got in the car and took off. I didn’t know where too. It was a surprise. Let me tell ya, trying to pack and not knowing what you are doing or where you are going is very extremely hard. But completely worth it.

Leaving Friday morning, we drove. And drove. And drove some more. We finally reached Ocala, Florida. My parents-in-law own a home there and were gracious enough to allow us to stay there for the weekend. Thanks Ms. Kim. I can’t express how truly thankful I am you opened your home to us. But we got there around 8 or so pm and just rested and relaxed for the day. It was just a good day. It was hard being in the car, but traveling without three kiddos was glorious. We could both go to the bathroom at the same time. Do you know what that meant. Shorter pit stops. I had forgotten how nice it was just being a few minutes and then back on the road. I know that sounds crazy, but for the last 8 years, every time I traveled it was with a least one kid. One diaper to change, bottle to make, food to cut up, mouth to wipe, ect, ect. This time it was just taking care of me. Making sure I was together. Which wasn’t all that hard to do. There was no fighting in the car. There was no toddler screaming. There was just quite. I could read, listen to the radio. Traveling wasn’t that difficult. I was just in a car for 13ish hours. That wasn’t the most awesome thing ever, but it was manageable and even relaxing.

Once we got to his parents house, and settled in for the night. I started peppering him with questions. I mean we are in Florida, where could be going? The beach? Disney? Sea world? Well he tells me that he buys me the wands (I get wands from HP for holidays) because it’s a common interest that we share. That he likes we share the love of HP. And that for this weekend, he wanted to take me to Universal Studios, home of Harry Potter Theme park. Because he wanted to take me back since we didn’t get to go to Diagon Ally the last time were there. Now, at this point I’m fairly giddy. I loved our family trip last year to the park and Harry Potter Land. I was so disappointed that I wasn’t able to get to do the whole new park.


Saturday morning we got up nice and early, and headed to Universal Studios. Where my husband and I walked around the park holding hands and at a pace that was meant for us. We rode coasters, without having to fight with other in strollers. Without having to make sure that kids are happy. It was all about us. It was about what we wanted, not our kids. Now I know that sounds like a terrible parent. But seriously. When we have been married for 9.5 years and the first year he was in Iraq and the rest of the time we have had a child it was nice to just be a couple. And we were on Saturday. Just walking around and only caring for ourselves. #Wonderful.

62702_080115_000019506 62102_080115_000191773

So to give some details of our time at Harry Potter. We started off in Hogsmead. I’d been to this part last year, but it was still so fun to walk around and be a part of a book/movie series I’ve been so in love with. The details of the park are amazing. Phil and I rode all the coasters, and he finally got to do the castle ride. (He stayed off last year to sit with the boys.) Right as we are deciding we want to eat, and trying to figure that out, it starts raining. It had been sprinkling when we were on a coaster, but it now picked up, so everything is packed. The line for the train starts to move and we decide to hop on the train. That’s right, the Hogwarts Express was operational and while it wasn’t what I expected, it was very incredibly cool. Getting off at Kings Crossing put us in London, more specifically Diagon Ally. Where we decided to have lunch at the Leaky Couldron. After lunch the rain had died off and we were able to enjoy the rest of our day walking around and enjoying the cool air. We walked around and saw all the places to see: Knockaturn Ally, Weasley’s Joke shop, all the little stores, it was just was magical. Pun Intended. I had such a great time.

DSCN3477  DSCN3523


Sunday and Monday we very slowly made our way back home. We had a fancy dinner at this place called Frankie’s. We were outside of Atlanta and wanted Italian food. Googled and found this little restaurant. When we walked in, there was a live jazz singer. He was awesome. The whole place was cool, and the food was so good. It was a fancy joint for the common man. It fit really well. Once we left there we watched a Johnny Depp movie on TV and went to sleep. Do you know how nice it is to eat out when you aren’t wrestling a toddler into a high chair. I know I’m comparing how nice it was because we weren’t being parents. But in all seriousness it was nice because we were just together and was able to show each other the love we have. We don’t always get to put each other first, when we are putting the kids first. That was the most glorious part about it. We were able to dote on each other. He held my hand, offered me his hand to get our of a chair, opened doors for me. All that romantic stuff that gets shoved aside when you have other hands to hold.

My wonderful trip was concluded Monday night when we picked up the kids at Mom’s house. It went from a silent/quite car to very loud. By time I got home I was exhausted. But it was well worth it. PS. Mom I can’t find the words to express my thankfulness for watching my kids. I wouldn’t have been able to relax if I didn’t think that they were well cared for. Knowing they were safe and taken care of is a big reason that I was able to have the fun I had.

It’s now the following weekend. Life is back to normal, but I feel rested and energized. I love my husband so much for our fun and exciting trip. It was the first trip that he and I have ever taken by ourselves. We didn’t honeymoon anywhere, we haven’t ever did anything other than an overnight here and there for our anniversary. We had never even had a family vacation until last year. We have always done things on our own accord. So being able to take an us trip was amazing.
So yes, motherhood is a 24/7 job, but we all need to take vacation time, and thanks to my amazing husband, partner and friend I had an amazing vacation from my life and it was splendid.



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