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Update No. 2



So today, I finished cutting the receiving blankets into squares. That was fairly easy today, since I had a few blunders with it the other day.  Today was easier.  I knew to not make it one square at a time.  I also knew that folding the material didn’t work well for me.  So using a washable marker, I made little guidelines and cut it down into strips and then stacked and cut the squares.  It went much faster.



Then I did a fun part.  I wanted to see how big I was making this.  And let me tell ya, it’s going to be a good size.  Not quite a twin bed, but enough for a good couch cover.  Speaking of couches, I had to stand on the arm of mine to take the photos.  The open spaces are where I need to get material and add a solid color as well.  I’m think two different colors, but I’m not sure.  Two would work better with the pattern I’m working on.  This makes me happy.  It makes me nostalgic.  I can remember Rylynn and Grandma Jewell working on quilts.  But it’s an adventure and this is where I stopped today.  I laid out the pattern.  Next will be cutting the solid colors and making strips.   20150725_14585520150725_150005


Just to let everyone know, the tutorial I’m using I found on Pinterest.  It’s pinned in my Projects board.  But it originally came from here: Confessions of a Serial Do-it-Yourselfer.  It’s a lovely tutorial, though I’m not quite doing it the same way she does.  I’m glad I have it as a guide post though.  I hope my looks as nice as hers does.


All I know is I’m very excited about this.  Because, one: I’m doing a project I’ve wanted to do for at least a year.  Two: I am making progress.  Three:  It’s really fun.  and Four: I’m doing it for myself, and that is really satisfying.


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  1. christykjames

    Thanks for the link back, Maciena! It really does feel so good to create beautiful things. This sweet quilt is going to be so pretty!

    • It was no problem. I try to always credit the owner of the idea. I hope so. I purchased additional material today, since I only had three receiving blankets, I’m hoping it turns out good.


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