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Since I haven’t posted an update in a few weeks I thought I’d go ahead and do one today. That’s alright, right? Well, even it not, here I go:

Overall, in general life is good. We were blessed with a handsome tax refund. So Phil and I have been able to makes some upgrades and improvements on our home, like the fence. The money spent on the fence was great. The only problem with the fence is Lucas will climb it. He’s done this several times to go to the neighbors trampoline to jump. I don’t want to buy a trampoline because I’m terrified as mother. As a kid I loved my cousin, even if I hurt myself on it a few times. But as a mom of the two and one year old. It terrifies me. But I’m about ready to buy one just to make him stop climbing the fence. We got a fence to let our dogs run in the beautiful back yard without fear of the neighbors boxer hurting them again. To have a safe area for out kids to play. And those two reason alone made it worth it. But it’s also nice to have a line in the sand saying do not cross; this is my area. I know that makes me sound, o what’s the word…. But I don’t care. I like it. I like saying do not cross. Do not think about crossing. Do not send you sleazy boyfriend through my back yard to hide him from your daddy. I just wish Lucas wouldn’t climb it.

Outside of the fence. I was able to get a new dishwasher. It’s an under the counter one. Phil and his Dad got it all hooked up for me and other than it being so low to load and unload its awesome! I don’t have to deal with the LOUD ruckus anymore. I don’t have to lose my sink while it’s running. I don’t have to deal with the connection falling off every ten freaking seconds. (The reason we replaced the portable one I’ve had for about nine years.) It’s just very glorious. I know it makes me sound like an adult –crazy I am one– but I’m so excited that I have a new dishwasher. Yes it still is work, but now the work is a bit easier.

We have also been able to pay my SUV off. Like six month early. Which makes life just grand. Seriously. I own my car now. The car I’ve had since 2009 is now officially mine. The bank has no claim to it. There was times when I thought I could lose it. (If you have never had fiance troubles good for you, don’t look down on me because I admit to mine.) But it’s mine. I’m gonna drive it until I can’t. Or I outgrow it. I doubt the latter though. Seriously think that if I can get the two boys in-car seats and Haylie and me and Phil in the front. That we can easily stay in it as they boys get out of the car seats into booster seats. I know cars can break in an instant, but I’ve prayed/ am praying a long life for the car. So I have the belief that it will last until we choose to replace it.

The last of the money will be spent on fixing the garage. We are going to build a work bench, storage areas and just in general make it usable. Not just a room you can’t walk through. So that is good. I’m excited for that. I want to have one of those picture perfect garages where you know the exact location for everything. The kids won’t be allowed to play in there, since we have the fence and back yard. If i want a medium flat head screwdriver, i’ll be able to go to a spot and I’ll have the confidence that I know it’s there. Now I realize this sounds silly, but right now, a stray cat could be living in there and I wouldn’t know. It’s a mess. I can’t even pull my car into it. That is not what a garage should be. I know that it is for most people in America and that’s cool. No judgement. But seriously. I need to pull my car into the garage. Here is why. Sunday I was loading the boys in the car. I’m in my good church clothes and high heels. Lucas sees a cat. He takes off after it. Randy takes off as well. They cross the street and run to the back yard of my neighbor. It took forever to catch Lucas. (Randy tripped, he was fine and it gave me time to get to him.) We were almost late to church because of it. So if my car is in a garage. The door would be shut until I loaded them. There is no cat chases. See. I’m excited for the project.

Outside of spending money–in good ways–life has been good. Haylie has been exceeding in school. Her last report car was amazing. I’m so proud of my smart baby. Shes about ready to move from Girl Scouts Brownie to a Girl Scouts Jr. Meaning the green sash. She’s excited and I’m proud. Lucas will be three at the end of the month. He’s TOO smart for his own good. He is speaking clearer than ever. He knows how to do things I wish he didn’t. He can figure almost anything out. It’s crazy. He’s also started to truly play. Not just hit things with whatever is in his hand, but sit down and roll the ball, move the car, have one person talk to another. He knows his colors, he starting to count and say his ABCs. It’s just really incredible. Randy is so big. I hate that my baby is a toddler. He’s just about 20 month. ( I think.) He’ll be two in September. He’s trying so hard to talk. It’s adorable how frustrated he gets when we aren’t’ getting what he wants. But it’s also really hard because I sometime just can’t get what he’s saying. But he’s all over the place, repeating as many of Lucas’ actions as he can. He scares me to death. But he’s just perfect. He needs a hair cut. But he’s just perfect.

Phil is the same old Phil. Except he’s old now. April was his 30th birthday. I was able to pull a fast one over on him and pull off a surprise party. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without my mom or sister. They came through for me big!. I mean BIG. When Phil came home from work early–that never happens, surprised the crap out me–They totally bailed me out. Sneaking all the food and decor and all that to the house where the party was going to be held. They were rock-stars. I was just happy everyone showed up and had a good time by the looks of things. It was a rainy day, which took a lot of the original plan away, but it was still a good day. So I was really happy that I was able to pull that off.

I’m just really going from the day-to-day. I’ve seen two amazing movies basically back-to-back. Age of Adaline and Avengers: Age of Ultron. They were very different movies, but so good in their genres. I got see the girly movie with my momma and good friend Christy. Avengers with the hubby. I enjoyed both outings. Mostly because I didn’t have the boys pawing all over me. Two hours without being a jungle gym or jumping mat. That was the best part of it. Okay not really the best part, but a good one. I have my bad days. I’m normal like that and I wish I didn’t but I do. But I have my good days and those are amazing and memorable. So I guess for now.

…that is all.


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