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First and foremost I have to state, I hate ants. They crawl over everything. They really just bug me–pun intended. Right now I have them all over my desk and wall and bookshelf. I have to be careful about spraying the spray. While it’s effective when killing them on impact, but the spray makes me light-headed and I’m worried about spraying it in a house with toddlers who could run their hand through it before the spray dries. I can’t find the home of them to kill them all. Which is annoying. I can see them in droves but their house is hidden. That is my bug rant. It’s the worse part about spring and summer. The only bad part as well.

So I don’t really have anything specific to say, I just wanted to do a blog post and get my daily 750 words done at the same time so I am going with it. I needed to vent about the ants–they are super annoying–and I haven’t done an update in a while.

Here is what is going on in my life: April is busy. Easter was this past Sunday and we had several activities to participate in. Okay only four things. But when you normally sit at home six days a week and wear you jammies these six days. Having four activities is a big deal; especially for me. I swear I’m a full-time hermit just without the emotional issues of being scared to leave. I just have nowhere to go. I’m going to stop that tangent and continue on with Easter activities. Saturday the kids, my parents and I all went to the Easter Egg Hunt at Church. Becce runs it. I love her so much. It’s such a great time. The kids run, they get candy and cupcakes they play. They are interacting with the other kids at church. I feel good about that fact alone. It was a good time. My only problem is most of my kids are toddlers making it hard on the mommy. Thankfully my parent were there and we split the toddlers up and were able to handle it. Though we have a few moments where they boys want to escape and got close to doing so. But it was fun. Then Sunday morning we got up and found what the Easter Bunny had left for us. Candy, jammies, toys: the usual. Then left for Easter Service. The church was packed with Easter Lily’s. Then after a good service. We went to Gma Knights for family dinner. Most of the family wasn’t there. The Knight side count is 26 (I think, I did that really fast I could be wrong) but we only had 15 there. A lot of people yes, but not the whole family. Once we left there we went to my mom in-laws for the kids to do an Easter Egg hunt with their cousins. It was a nice afternoon with them. Once home we chilled together watched some TV. The boys passed out they were so tired. It was a good day. We did have some hiccups. Like Lucas falling down steps and busting his head very badly. But he was fine. So good day.

We still have Easter dinner at my parents house to look forward too. Since the sister was working on Easter (boo Sears for being open) we are having our family dinner next Sunday so that will be fun. We are grilling out. I do love a good grilled burger. So That was Easter for our family.

The most exciting piece of info this week is our fence has been started. As of now all of our post are in. It’s been to wet today for them to work on anything else. But I have a fence. It’s not complete but I have a fence. My kids will be safer in my back yard. That alone makes it worth every dime put into it.

THE OTHER BIG NEWS IS I PAID OFF MY CAR!!! Phil and I no longer have car payments. That is so liberating that I could cry. I mean we are far from payment free life. But I own my car now. I owe no one for it. I am excited! The payment money for it is already marked for other things. But Seriously have you ever paid something off, it’s so exciting. So exciting. There was times I was fearful I’d lose it. (We had hard times, don’t judge, you’ve had them too) but I didn’t and now it’s mine. It’s all mine.

Haylie and I both got new glasses this week. She’s happy, I’m not but I forgot the world could be so clear at a distance. I have 20/20 but things in the distance blurs together. I was amaze to see the individual trees driving down the road. I got really cute frames though. So that is good. Being stylish or cute is worth the additional face ornament.

That really is all that has happened. April will be busy, with birthday dinners and that is about it. Things are good. Things are life. Fluid moving, changing. Going, not stopping.

with that,
that is all.


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