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Good Morning Saturday

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An Update of My Week.


Happy Saturday. At least it is right now. Currently it’s about 9 am on my Saturday morning, usually I’m still laying in bed with my kids and we are giggling and having our “tickle fight.” But this morning I opted to get up early and get things accomplished. While I feel productive, I missed out on that kid time. But I’m going to make it up with a tickle fight after I get this written. I’ve already produced my devotional for the day. Which I’m excited about. And I decided that I wanted to not only continue my new devotional book, but I wanted to continue my Duck Commander Devotional because I like their perspective as well. So for as long as I can I’m going to do two devotionals a day. Because well, I want to, and why not? Getting two different words from God a day is nice. So, here is hoping that I can continue doing that. I said I wanted to grow. Doing two a day, would be a good way to grow. Now shameless link to my devotional if you feel like checking it out: A Hurley’s Journey of Faith.

So the past week has been a crazy one for me. We will start with last Saturday, because again, my blog post, so why not. Saturday was the average day of getting up and meeting my parents at Kroger to do the grocery shopping. It was a difficult trip because Lucas threw a bona-fide hissy fit and kicked my dad square in the stomach, making my dad about go down. So not only was I furious with my son, but also really worried about my dad, and horrified my son did that to my dad. My son might only be two years old, but he has strength and it hurts to be on the receiving end of it. I had to go pick up my truck from the dealership where it was being repaired. When I went to pay my card– that had enough money on it to pay– was declined. Because the bank had a spending limit on the card. That is right, the bank decided how much money I could spend. Not me. So when we called the bank was closed. So I had to pay for half on the card, and write a check. **(More to this story)

The day continued on, and when my phone rang it was nothing out of the unusual. But when my husband told me his mother was being rushed to the hospital in the squad I was worried.

The next phone call was much worse. She was being rushed into surgery. Her appendix had ruptured. I called out to my church family for prayers and I prayed as well. My sister-in-law ended up bring her kids to me, so she could be at the hospital with her parents. So my house got loud. But it wasn’t a bad loud. The worse kid was my two-year old, who wanted to wrestle with his cousin. Thankfully, she got through surgery fine, and is now home to finish her recovery. This story had a happy ending but I was scared for a while.

Sunday was a BUSY day. Because we had church, lunch and my parents took the boys so Phil and I could get new phones. Because my littlest boy threw mine down the steps and broke the sound function. Meaning I couldn’t hear it ring. So unless I watched it 24/7 I wouldn’t see any incoming calls. Phil’s phone was just junk as well. He’s been complaining about it for months. So since we were up for upgrades, and had his school money, we decided to go ahead and upgrade. I got the cutest phone ever. A Samsung Galaxy S4-mini! It’s cute, functional and awesome.

But that was after I had to leave the store to get me and the daughter to Kroger, so she could sell cookies at her cookie booth. Three hours of selling cookies to anyone who would take them. Apparently I’m really funny–So says anther GS mom. Because I was using my tactics to get sells. Boxes are $3.50 a pieces. To sell more boxes I’d say, “I’ll give you a deal, 2 for 7.” And they would go for it. So the other mom was laughing really hard at me. But that made the three hours go by faster.

After the cookie booth, we had to go get the boys. Get them home and then to bed. Because frankly at that point I was exhausted.

Monday I had finish the **truck story, by going to Kroger first thing, and get a money order from the card to put into my checking account. So I got the boys up and went to do that. Came back home and did Mondays’ cleaning duties, along with a long to do list I had made for the day. It was a very long, tiring day. But a good day.

Tuesday started the same as Monday, but I had to go deliver GS cookie and then go get my last of three money orders to balance my check book and then deposit them into the bank so that check I was forced to write, would not bounce. Which would have been extremely bad. So when I got home from that running I started on the Tuesday cleaning chart chores and worked most of the day. I was very accomplished that day as well.

Wednesday and I didn’t’ get along. I wanted to be as productive but I just couldn’t. I couldn’t focus. I couldn’t breathe it felt–not physical more emotional. I just was drained and yucky. So most of the day I was on the couch and blah. I missed church because of it and everything. I ended up with a massive migraine and it was just nasty.

My Thursday was a HUGE adventure. I got up, got Haylie to school. Then went to pick up Becky.10830877_10101956820902432_562275420972917501_o

Then she and I and two boys went to Monroe Ohio to the outlet mall there to get Easter goodies from OshKosh B’gosh and Disney stores. This was very successful. We grabbed lunch at Timmy Horton’s my favorite Canadian donut shop. Then we went to IKEA! I’d never been before and we were there for a long time. It was super fun and awesome. The boys were their normal selves and were done before we were but it made an adventure. For future reference I will be spending more money at IKEA. They had all kinds of things I want. ALL KINDS. I ended up getting a cabinet/ wardrobe thingy I wanted to put at the end of my hall way for towels. I basically now have a linen closet of sorts. Getting through the store with boys, loading the car with a box that didn’t fit, driving home in rush hour. It was crazy. But the worse part of the adventure was bathroom duty. We all four went into the family bathroom so that we could do diapers, get Luke on the potty without being all over the place in the women’s bathroom. Great plan right? Well it was until I laid my phone on the counter instead of putting it back in my purse. Then forgetting that brand new cute awesome amazing phone. This particular bathroom trip was the one we made before load the car to come home. I was at Wendy’s getting me and Becky sweet teas when I realized I didn’t’ have my phone.

PANIC. Pure panic set in. I couldn’t get to IKEA fast enough. I couldn’t run fast enough into the bathroom. Becky is calling my phone and at first its ringing and then it goes straight voice mail. This makes me believe my phone was gotten and I’m never going to see it again. Someone is in the restroom we are in, I’ve knocked on the door and am forced to wait freaking forever for them to come out.

I’m bouncing on the ball of my feet. My phone is such a big part of my life. I’m not always on it, but it takes a good chunk of my time. Waiting to go into the bathroom to see if I still have it was hard. Thankfully. The family that was using it had turned it off. And was carrying it out when they opened the door. They were taking to the manager, but I intercepted them and got my phone returned.

The rest of the day was better than that panic but the box in the car proved very difficult. Though we got home safe and sound. I got Haylie from the neighbor who had gotten her off the bus. Phil brought home tacos and the Haylie and I went to Girl Scouts. Where we made scrap books. It was fun. I also found out that my high school Best Friend Andrew is the uncle to Haylie’s BFF Abby. Cause it was Abby’s grandma who was doing the scrap-booking event at GS. She recognized me. It’s a crazy cookie cutter small world.11043437_818396961530027_3941474648893563775_o

Friday was another weird day. I woke up sick. Huge bad migraine. I couldn’t really deal with sound, light, smell. It was gross. But I was able to pull myself together to go to the Little Treasure sale. It’s a once a year indoor flea market of sorts for kids items. I was able to get 8 pairs of jeans, Haylie a dress, church shoes for all of them, and because I’m an awesome mom, I let them pick out a toy too. The thing about Friday was it was pouring rain. MONSOON. Really really really wet. But it was fun. Haylie dropped my electronic key into deep huge puddle, but it still works, so all good. Ended up at Gold Star Chili where Dad join us and we had lunch. Twas a good time.

Got home and cleaned the living room enough to put together the new cabinet I bought at IKEA and three hours later it looked good. Haylie made supper. You read that right Haylie made supper. A simple stir fry you just put in a skillet and stir while it cooks. But still it’s nice she’s that helpful at times. Phil got home. We watched some TV and now we are here on Saturday morning. Phil’s at work, because work owns his soul. I’m chilling at the keyboard writing this. The kids are in the hall/boys room playing and I’m going to make pancakes before we go to a wedding this afternoon.

Its been a week filled with stuff. I prefer these kinds of week to sitting in the house all the time. Though there is nothing wrong with lying around in my pjs.

So that has been my week. If you are still reading. Thanks. If you stopped awhile up. Well. then I stick my tongue out and say bean crock. But anyhoo, things need to happen today. Hope you have a great day.


that is all.


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