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A Mid-week Check In,
Because why not?


Currently, my daughter is riding my son’s ninja turtle bike around my living room. The bike is made for toddlers, she is not a toddler. It looks so ridiculous, but I won’t stop her, because as annoying it is, it’s one of the cutest things ever. She’s playing with her brothers and really who am I to stop that. Who am I to make the happy play end on the world’s dumbest snow day.

Yup, my daughter has no school and there is no reason why. I mean there, this afternoon we are supposed to be getting 6-14 inches. (I’ve heard everything between 6 and 8 to 12 to 14 for my area, thus I just give it a wide margin for error.) So the district decided to just cancel since it would be coming just in time to get the students, parents, teachers, staff home and who would want to put anyone in harm’s way. But that means, I have an 8-year-old on a 2 year old’s bike.

So the past few days have been productive. Monday I started March off right. I went through my morning routine of meds, water, devotional and breakfast. Then I started in on my kitchen. Due to my heavy heart, I’ve done very little in ways of good cleaning. I ran the dishwasher and that was about it. I know super gross, super nasty and just super bad. So I took the time to empty all my counters and really scrub. Getting it all nice again. No crumbs could be found. I then cleaned all my appliances. Ran the dishwasher about four times. Once was a cleaning of the dishwasher. I did all the hand-wash dishes. A task that I hate because I’ve yet to find a dish soap that doesn’t irate my arms. But I did it. I sweep, mopped, cleaned, organized and really just made it new again. After supper I then went to town on my living room, because where I was in the kitchen all day. My sons made my living room a disaster zone. So I had to fix that. Which was good. By the time I was done it was after nine. I was exhausted and ready to just crash. Thankfully all the kids we asleep. I was able to wind-down with a Grey’s Anatomy that was DRV’d and went to bed a very happy girl.

Tuesday was productive, but in a different manner. My mother-in-law came over, with three boxes full of family photos over the years. Photos she wasn’t sure she still had, until very recently. So I got to spend basically all day looking at pictures. I also scanned them so I would have a digital copy and the ability to reproduce them, in case anything happened ever again. I swear I laughed so hard, my sides hurt at time. Other times I was less loud. But it was a really good day. I was glad we were able to spend that time together.
I really am glad that I was able to see the family I married into, as younger versions of themselves.

The downside of yesterday was the weather was gross–heavy rain. All the beautiful snow was washed away. Yes I said beautiful snow. I love snow. But the rain made it gross, and it was nasty and flooding started to happen, specifically on the interstate. The same interstate my hubby takes to get home from work. So it took him three hours to make it the normal 45 minutes. He could have made it to Bowling Green in that time frame. By the time he got home, he wasn’t a happy person. It was 11:30pm and he was grumpy. I won’t lie about that, and since he doesn’t read this blog, I don’t feel bad saying it. So, whatever. He was grumpy but life is hard and makes us all grumpy sometimes. Like I’m grumpy my kids are so loud I can’t think some times.

My morning is almost over, and my afternoon will be devoted to getting my cleaning list for Wednesdays done. I hope that I am able to go to church tonight, but we shall see. Hope you all have enjoyed my check in. Much love.

That is all.


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