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It’s Actually Saturday

Life is a Crazy Game.



As I sit here tonight, I’m exhausted but tonight it’s an okay tired.  This week I’ve been social.  For the first time in a while.  Last Saturday we had the impromptu game night.  Then Sunday was church.  Monday, Tuesday were normal days.  At home with the kids, but Wednesday was special because for the first time in over a year, I got to go to church.  Mom watched the boys and I got to go to church.  It was a great sermon.  It was awesome.  Outside of the fact that I was in church.  I went somewhere.  I got my kids together and left the house.  It was nice.  I forgot how good it felt to go somewhere.


Then on Thursday, the sister-in-law came over and I dyed her hair, but it was a good laugh.  It was nice to just talk and hang out.  The Mom came over in the afternoon.  She was supposed to watch the boys while I took Haylie to Girl Scouts, but that was canceled. So we played Wii and had a good time.  Friday was good because we had a girls night in.  We watched movies, ate sweet treats and played a board game. It was a great time.  I loved this week.  So, this exhaustion is welcomed.  It was earned. It was a good time this week.


I hope that I can continue having good times.  I know I can’t have a girls night every weekend.  But I want to be able to interact with people.  Because I think that was a big part of my problem at the end of last year.  I just was stuck in the house.  Whether anyone wants to believe it, that takes  a huge toll.  I know that at any point I could have got in the car with the boys and just go out to anywhere, but they are still so small.  It makes it so difficult to just go.  It takes so much work.  It ends up being so much worth that it makes it not worth it.


I just hope that as the boys get older and older that we will be able to do more.  It’s logical that we will be able too.  But sometimes it feels like a spiraling tunnel of darkness of toddlers.  That you just can’t escape.  So having this week of interactions with other adults has been extraordinary great.


Other than human interaction.  Things have been okay.  My house was looking good for a few days, but it’s back to a mess.  The boys really like to dump the toy buckets, and I didn’t fold laundry on laundry day.  But I made some real progress in my paperwork mess and my desk looks a lot better.  So that is a plus.  There is just things I need to do and the motto I have for myself “Do the Work” has been a real help for me.  But there are days that I’m just lazy as well. I have to give myself those days as well, because those days will give me the rest to do the work on the other days.


I feel like this has spiral to a mess, so I’m going to get off here now.  So….


that is all.


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