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Saturday Update

But really Thursday/Monday Update

Because I was very busy Saturday.



So currently it’s Thursday night. It’s been a blistering cold day. I hear the wind whipping around my house and whether it’s because I’m next to the window or a mental thing, I feel colder now than I have all day. I want to do a Saturday check in, but here of lately my Saturdays have been full of things to do, or laundry to wash. Last Saturday I spent like six hours cleaning my bed room. Like really cleaning it. Dusting, wall washing, vacuuming in the little cracks, the whole nine yards. It looked really good for about three hours and then we went to bed, which rattled the almost perfect bed I had made. I am happy to report though that the room has stayed mostly clean, with the exception of having no hamper in the room currently which has led to a pile of clothes at the foot of the bed. I’m pretty darn proud of that. Most rooms don’t last a minute in my house. I have twin tornadoes who destroy everything. Though, they aren’t twins. Nor are they tornadoes, but it sounded good. It’s the way of life. Literally tonight I was picking up toys in the living room. This sounds like the most basics of task, but any mother knows that feeling when little hands are shadowing yours and whatever you have just put in the toy box comes right back out, even though the tornadoes doesn’t really want it, they just want to make it fly. Because they like the way it bashes against the wall. And if you don’t know that feeling, well that is my life. Welcome to it.

Though I don’t want to spend any time complaining about my children, because they are a blessing. A joy. A light in the dark. They are also tornadoes and tonight as I sit in a dark room hoping they come looking for me, I just want to complain about their destructive ways. I’ve had so many older, wiser women tell me that is just how boys are. But let me tell you I don’t like that answer. I want gentlemen, sweethearts. Not raging tornadoes of monsters. I am just saying. But I think it is best to move away from that topic. (I did get the living room clean. But them both in their room and trapped the one in the crib and distracted the other one with Puss in Boots.) Though as I hide the toys are back on the floor. But at least I got the crumbs up. So silver lining?

Right now I’m wondering if I had a point, ah yes, I did. It Saturday when I post this, Thursday when I write this. I feel really good. This week (sans Friday, cause I don’t know) I have been very faithful to my self-appointed commitments. I’ve been working on this blog daily. Trying really hard on the Journey of Faith blog, though not as faithful as I should be. I’ve been delighted at the work and accomplishments I’ve made on the AOS blog. I’ve been doing my 750words every day. In fact right now I’m killing two birds with one stone. This is my 750 words work on Thursday and my Saturday blog work. See that’s how awesome I am. But seriously I’ve made it my self motto to do the work, and when it comes to my computer “jobs” I have seemed to be able to reach that this week.

I have also been pretty good at my other chores. My house isn’t perfect, and if you come over expecting it, well you just need not bother knocking, because you won’t like what you see when you come in. AKA don’t come, if you are looking for perfect. But I’ve been able to keep the floors clean and the dishes clean, and sometimes that is all I can ask of myself.

This year of 2015 I really want to work on becoming the best me that there can be, and part of that me is letting go of the trivial. (thus the perfect statements of the previous paragraph). I really want to get things accomplished and do the work. So that is where I am right now as I type the check in. I want to do the work. Get it done and be proud of myself for the accomplishment!

So for now. that is all I can say about life and me. What is going on with you? comment below if you want to let me know. and with that….

that is all.

Now it’s Monday, and Saturday this didn’t get posted.  But I did a lot on Saturday including a speed clean of the visible parts of upstairs.  We even ended up having a game night that was amazing.  Sunday was a fairly large lazy day.  I mean I did the norm of get up, get this family of five together and go to church.  Then out to eat for lunch.  Then the parents, with Gma came over to help Phil hang a shelf.  Well Daddy was helping Phil, everyone else was chilling in the living room.  But the shelf was to heavy for the wall, because while the stud finder said there was studs, there weren’t.  So instead of I got something else hung on my wall.  So that is pretty awesome.  Though I know Phil was disappointed because we both wanted the shelf where he’d picked.  But in line with the motto of my year, “Do the work” I have to say that I’m glad one of my personal projects finally made the wall.  IMG_20150111_220204
Yes.  There is a sheet nailed to my wall, yes, there is no real curtains.  But since I just got curtains over the sliding door downstairs, I have to say at least people can’t see in my bed room.   But I’m digressing.  The shadow boxes were a project of last year.  I finally got them up.  Those are my babies coming home outfits, along with their first “Mommy given” receiving blankets.  (I put Mommy given in “” because I’m not one hundred percent sure that these blankets where their first, but I know that they were bought for that child and used for that child.  So whatever.  But these were their first coming home outfits, their newborn photos were taken in this outfit.  I finally put it together last year, after the shadow boxes had sat under my bed for months.  Now because I had unsightly holes in the wall from the failed shelf, I have them on the wall!!!  So YAY!
Today the school district had an hour delay, and my day is already all wack-a-doodle AND I have a long list of work for me to do this week.  So for now and the second time in this post.
that is all.



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