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Because you care, you know you do.


I moved into my home August 2013.  I finally put pictures up yesterday.  Not even on my walls, well not on nails on my walls.  I have them on the short wall that my steps are behind.


Yes, it’s January 2015, I lived here a year and five months and am just now getting to it.  I know that’s sad.  But to be fair I’ve had a lot going on in life.  Things just don’t happen because I want them too, especially when I have two under two running around.  Most days I’m lucky if the floor doesn’t have crumbs from their snacks that they refuse to sit down and eat.  I have so many more pictures to get up and in places.  But it will be a slow process, with all my daily tasks and toddlers who are destructive.   But I’m proud of this small accomplishment.



That is all.


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