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Tuesday Check In

So I haven’t updated in a while. I had all these plans this summer, then I got into this big giant funk that I’ve been fighting with blogging and time. Hopefully I’ll get past that by just pushing through it.

I’m a planner. I like to plan thing. Once the thing passes though I’m like a deflated balloon questioning if it was worth it. If everyone had fun. That was the case the past few days after I spent all this time and money on the kids birthday parties this weekend. Haylie’s was first: a slumber party. She invited 7 girls, but two didn’t show up, so with Haylie there was 6 girls who had spent Friday night. LOUD! The girls were loud. But they had fun. It was a frozen theme. and while i”m not a great decorated, i think it looked good. I had the banner, I had the table decorations, An AMAZING cake I don’t care if i’m tooting my own horn that cake was difficult and it turned out so great that I’m just glowing with pride. i don’t care how bad that may or may not be. It was a great cake. We did pin the nose on Olaf. We had a pinata. It was just a fun time. At least I thought so. I wasn’t as prepared as I want to be, but it was fun.


Saturday we did Randy’s party slash Haylie’s friends party. I was more prepared for this party. Though not everyone we expected to show up, showed up. We had a great crowd. We had fun and the kids had a blast. I highly recommend all parents take their kids to Country Pumpkins. It’s just a fun time. The corn box was loved by my kids. It was just fun. The shelter we rented was good. I wish we’d had gone for a longer amount of time. But the two hours we where there was fun; a really great time.


My planning paid off, I hope. I hope everyone was happy and had a great time; I’m glad everyone who came was there. I love that my family will take the time to celebrate my kids.


In other news. I’m planning the next things down the pipe and I can only hope that they will turn out well. I have the hallelujah party at the church, trick or treating with the kids, NaNoWriMo, thanksgiving, Christmas, my anniversary, the new year. Then the calendar resets and it all starts again. A new year and that will be a wow moment.


Thing are like a wheel, they constantly turn. Things keep going. While I may not be running the world daily. I do things daily. Like I care for the kids, the house, I write for Elance. I hang out with my amazing neighbor. I plan for things. I always have thirty things on a to-do list. I just want to do more. I want to always keep that wheel spinning at a 90 mph, and then I tend to crash. But that is what keeps it interesting.


Things I have planned:

  • NANO
    writing projects
    daily devotionals (improving at doing them daily)
    voting for Emily to win her adventure
    more cleaning.
    NANO (last years story)
    Improving the house
    List making. ( I love me list making)
    Reading more books. (I have this challenge on Goodreads, I want to win it)
  • That’s about all.

I think this has been a good Tuesday update. If i do these every Tuesday I could be winning. Now to go get some peppermint tea and do something.

~that is all.


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