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Thoughtful Tuesday

So, Elance has me on standby, so I got thoughtful and deep:



After JRay pointed out on Facebook that it was ten years ago that we were starting out as freshman in college, I had to take a moment. I wasn’t so happy that she pointed it out, thinking–my God, has it been that long?  Really.  I know it was, but wow.  I feel old.–The truth is I’m glad she pointed it out.

Ten years ago. I was a different person, I was younger, less weathered and so stupid about so many things.

As a freshman walking onto a campus I’d only visited a few times, I was a mess inside.  Nervous, scared, unsure, panicked, blinded by myself made plans that I couldn’t see the forest for the tree.  I had the idea of what I was, who I was going to be and how it would all go.

From that first day on campus, I met four wonderful ladies that I still consider my best friends in the world although I don’t speak with them daily.  They are very precious to me.  The relationships I had in college with these girls and my other friends are just so special, I think about certain people daily, and others often.  I just am so excited to see their updates and their good news about marriages, life, babies, jobs, and even the little things like pay raises.  I’m just so happy for them.  I loved the people I met in school.  Both times around.

I have learned so much since that first day.  I have learned so much about myself. I really have changed.  Since then I’ve gained a new last name, a husband, three or four dogs (Phil and I are in debate about number four), three kids, a mortgage, wider hips, and about a dozen other things in the physical world.


But I have also learned that people will come and go, and you will take care of the relationships that mean the most. That plans are great to have a general idea of where you are going, but Harry Potter says it best: you plan, you go and then it all breaks loose.  Yes paraphrasing right there.  But you got the point.  That things will change just to change again.  That no matter how hard I try, I’ll never get the laundry done in a day and that sitting in the basket for a week is not a sin.


There is just so much I could get deep on.  The simple truth is that ten years, change a person and it’s on that person how it change you.  I hope in the decade since the first day, I’ve learned to be better.  Wiser.  Smarter.  Clearer.  Flexible.


Even if I’m not a better person I am a different person, and I hope that is okay.  I think this is it for my rambling today.  That is all.




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