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No energy. So I’m posting this.

Today has been one of those days, where I have been productive enough to feel good and mark things off of my to-do list, but not so good that my list is finished and I’m okay to do nothing.  But I’ve lost my energy, focus and willpower to keep going on with the list.   I started the day off good.  Three Annie articles on Elance.  Unloaded, reloaded and ran the dishwasher.  Did two loads of laundry.  But after lunch I sat down to do my Rebecca articles on Elance and I just felt drained.  I ended up curling on the couch.

Right now I’m drinking Coke and trying to reboot. But for the last hour or so, I’ve just been laying on the couch, reading.  I’m on page 122 of Insurgent.   Randy walked around the living room messing with the scattered toys, while Lucas sat in the swing and watched Peg + Cat.  Both boys need naps and they are fighting their sleep tooth and nail.  If by some miracle they both fall asleep at the same time, I’m going to fall into bed.  I’ve had a rough few nights as far as sleep.   Part of it is my fault.  I’ve been procrastinating on my Rebecca articles, because I have more lead way as far as when they must be turned in, but then I have like two hours to write five articles so I end up sitting up till midnight finishing them.  I’ve done this the past two nights.

Monday night though as soon as I laid down, with an almost asleep Lucas, Randy started crying and was up till 2. Then Tuesday I had to be up with Haylie at 6:30 am.  No sleep for the mommy, not good sleep anyway.  Then Tuesday night, thanks to the wonderfully loud thunderstorm that I would have loved to sleep through, I had both Lucas and Haylie in the bed.  Getting up this morning was really hard.   And like I said, I started off strong, the mentality of I’m going to rule the world.  But now three in the afternoon, I’m just dragging.


Hopefully the boys will stay in their quiet behavior, because if they get riled up, then I’m going to be in trouble.  Lucas is watching Cat in the Hat now.  I don’t encourage him watching TV but I encourage sitting quietly today.  So happy he’s doing that.   He is too, because every time I look at him, he says, “I’m happy.”   And let me tell you, hearing his sweet little voice say I’m happy is a blessing.


I’m really hoping that doing this blog post and random word vomit will get my brain working again, no matter how tired my body is.  Because sitting at the desk and typing isn’t hard as long as my brain is working.  I have five due. I want to get three done today and the rest tomorrow. But it would be nice to get them all done today, since this is the editor that pays more per article.

I really don’t know how some people accomplish all they do.  Because on days like this I just want to sleep.  But again, trying to distract from the need and desire to sleep.  I’ve been really working on my time management trying to get all the things I want to do accomplished.  I think once this post is done, I’ll work on the two AOS blog post I’ve been wanting to get up.  There was new casting information that went out yesterday.  I swear if there was three of me, I still wouldn’t get to do all I want to do.  But that is a whole other story/wish/complaint.


So that has been my day today.  I hope I’ve successfully rebooted my brain, and I can get back to work and be done so my evening can be spent watching TV and relaxing, like it should be.


For now.

That is all.



UPDATE:  While sitting outside after getting Haylie off the bus, Rufus got loose and while trying to get him on a need led the sky opened up and I got soaked.  I’m awake now.  



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