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Mother’s Day

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Mothers Day is very important, it is a day where we pause to celebrate the one person in the world you really deserves to be celebrated.  The Mom.

Now, I have always known that a mom is hard work.  I’ve sometimes taken Mom’s for granted.  Once I became a Mom it was different, I understood what my mommy had deal with for so many years. The heart aches I caused her, the joy I brought her, the frustration, pain, happiness, love it is all about.

I know that I’ve disappointed her, make her proud and sent her from one end of the spectrum to the other.  But I have to say that I’m thankful for her.  I love her.

Mommy, you have dealt with so much in your life, and loved me no matter what you were dealing with.  Been there for me, when I haven’t deserved it; loved me when you should have hated me. No matter what, you’ve been an amazing mother.  I thank you for sharing my smiles, drying my tears, holding me when I needed to cry, letting me go when I needed to run, scolding me, encouraging me, helping me and being the mom my friends also called mom. You have been and continue to be a wonderful amazing grandmother to my children.  Always being there when I need you, always ready to step in when I need you.  You have no idea how much I appreciate you, and rely on you.   I can only hope that I can one day be the amazing mother you were.  I love you. IMG_20130608_173337_356IMG_20140407_160305_632

I also have an amazing mother in law, and I want to thank you for raising your son to be the man he is.  Because of you, he’s a hard worker, a man of Christ, a man who is good, loving, stubborn, and special.  Thank you for raising him right.  Thank you for not being a monster in law, and welcoming me into your family all those years ago.  I appreciate all you do for him, me and our kids.  I love you, and I’m thankful that I also have you.  To listen to my stories, supporting me in my dreams, and being such a great and tender grandmother to my children.

IMG_20130927_145534_396 IMG_20130913_165710_217

There are other women in my life, who have had a hand in being a mom to me every now and then, and I thank each and every one of you.  No matter what you did for me, you have shaped me into the women I am now, for better or worse.  (lol)  Thank you ladies.

I also have to give a shout out to those precious babies that made me a mommy: I love you kiddos, you are my world, you are so special and I love you.  I thank God he’s given me three sweet children.  Even if you are rotten sometimes.

SDC13108 SDC11141 HM 30

I know this show of gratitude is late.  It’s not being posted on Mother’s Day. That is because 1. I’m super busy beforehand and couldn’t post it.  2. I enjoy a computer free mother’s day.  3. I think it’s important to not just limit the love to one day. to show how much we love each other, appreciate each other, more than one day a year.


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  1. I thank God that you are my daughter. Yes you brought me anguish and tears, smiles and joys. I thank God for the woman that you have become and mom that you are.What you wrote brought a couple tears and a huge smile my way. I love you. Mom


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