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Where did March go?

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It is really April 16th?  Seriously?  I  schedule most of the weekly post.  Once a month I find funny, inspiring, baby things are schedule it all.   Today I realized I never did that for April.  Somehow in the chaos that is my life. March slipped into April and I really never noticed.


What Chaos?

Well both boys have been doing this turn about of being sick.  Snotty noses, not sleeping, fevers, cough.  The usual winter to spring crud that everyone gets, but when you are a tiny person that crud is the end of the world.

Hayliebug had spring break, which was fun.  But crazy.  I didn’t just want to make her clean all week, (she’ll do that when she’s older.)  I wanted to have some fun with the kids.  I’m come to the conclusion that my kids are only little once and while I’ll never stop cleaning, stressing, worrying I have to make sure to take the time to make messes, be carefree and let them fall.  So I tried to do that.  We did appointments (docs and the like).  We did the housework.  I was able to let Phil the parent and leave for the day (awesome road-trip with mommy).  We took a day at the fish-zoo.  My goodness did they love that.  But having her home was crazy!

The general requirements of life keep things crazy.  Cooking, cleaning, laundry, errand, diaper changes, trying to plan events.

Then there is the chaos of what I’ve been writing.  I’m trying to write a manuscript.  Which isn’t easy.  I’m trying to keep up with TheTelevisionWatcher.

icon   Again, not easy and has fallen by the wayside sort of which is just heartbreaking.


I’ve been working on, which is hard work.  Fun work, but hard.  agents-of-shield-logo

There is a very specific way things have to be done.  I have to maintain the blog, the tumblr, the FB page, the Twitter and it’s time-consuming.  I’m still learning it and it takes a while. The fast I’ve managed to get a post done was 30 minutes and that was just the post. I then had to link it on everything.  I use hootsuite and that helps but good gracious it’s a lot of time.


Then there is Elance.  Elance is a freelancing site for work.  I’ve gotten this gig where I write 5-500 word articles a day. So far I have yet to do five in a day.  I’ve gotten 4.  (sssh, don’t tell I’m supposed to be working on one right now) It’s little money, but it’s being paid to write which is more than I can say I’m doing with TV watcher or AOS fans.  Neither is giving me money there, those are passion projects and I love them, but I want to be paid for writing.  Even if it’s pennies.


I start each day with all these big intentions and when I crawl into bed, I just feel disappointed that there wasn’t enough time for all it.  It’s just chaos, there is no other word or way to describe it.

So my daily life is chaos.  End of story.   But point of blog.  I’m gonna get those weekly post going again.  I can’t believe I let the month change and go so far into the month and not have them done.  Wow.



that is all.


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