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Selfies, a day of

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So Monday me and mom took a road trip, IMG_20140407_134558_315

and what is a road trip without awesome selfiesIMG_20140407_134600_145 

I can’t think of any other way to spend the day.  So we started in BG at WKU campus.  IMG_20140407_134617_644And then headed out of BG via 31 and started taking in the old sights.IMG_20140407_145634_466This awesome old motel was abandon and it was neat to see.IMG_20140407_153249_759

Teepee (Wigwam) hotels and this one was still operational.IMG_20140407_160305_632 An old country store, it was all locked up but very cool. Pascal, KY

IMG_20140407_184338_896 This was a neat chicken (and we saw more than one) in front of a restaurant, in Lebanon KY.IMG_20140407_185124_180 A sweet statue that we saw leaving Lebanon. 

0407142112and finally we made it back home.  

It was a great day and we saw some really amazing things.  Took a ton of great pictures, but also took fun selfies!


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  1. I love it, great day and we must do again!

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  3. Awesome


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