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As some of you might know, I’ve been complaining about my hair for a while.  I love my long hair, but right now it’s just been so unmanageable. And with the turtles one and two grasping it and pulling it out by the hand fulls I really just thought it was time for a change.
At Christmas I asked for someone to get me a spa day, some variation of it.  My mom-in-law got me the gift certificates to go to Inspire Salon Spa.


I have to say I was happy when I finally made the arrangements to go have some Mommy-time.  So Wednesday, 3.19.14, I went and finally did something about my hair.  Kim was my stylist there–Highly recommend–she was super nice and talkative.  It was like having the royal treatment.  I loved the hair washing station, rather than sit with the head at the ninety degree angle, it was a laying table (like at the doctors, minus the crinkle paper) and the smells of the shampoo were fabulous.  I had a mini facial.  Which was amazing.  I might have to make time to go have a regular facial just to be pampered.  It was nice to just have some pretty, relaxing things done for myself.

But anyways, I’m digressing.  So here is the before:

IMG_20140319_150421_452Not as long as I’ve had it before, but still fairly long hair.

But all the layers have grown out and it just hangs there most of the times,

And now, drum roll please.

















My NEW hair:

(and magical shirt change)
IMG_20140320_083733_954 IMG_20140320_083824_929

It still needs dyed.  But its so much lighter, and easier to maintain.  I’m really happy with it.  So I have new hair.  Merry Christmas (in March) to me.


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