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Well here goes another round of word vomit.

This week has been okay but really trying.  It started with the Sunday snow that prevent church.  It was nice to have a honest family day where we could just lounge around and play and relax.  But I am always in the house, and I’m always looking forward to getting to go to church.  So when I couldn’t go I was super bummed.  But that night we did venture out because it was my sissy’s birthday dinner.  Getting there was extreme.  We slid in big ways three times.  Then my darling husband did 360’s in the mall parking lot on purpose.  I think if we didn’t have the babies in the car I wouldn’t have cared.  But the yuppie bone was screaming to stop because I didn’t just like it.  But it was nice basically having smoky bones to ourselves.

Monday was a snow day and was just really trying because when all three of them are stuck in the same space, my kids have issues. Haylie doesn’t want to listen, Lucas wants to be destructive and poor Randy barely gets a word in because my attention is so spent on the two big ones.

Tuesday was good because Phil actually got off work early and that was nice.  That hasn’t happened in months.  Haylie had her eye exam, and guess what, she’s nearsighted.  We are blaming Phillip for that.  Genetics being what they are an all.  Since her mommy has 20/20 at last exam.  But when she got home from school she threw up and slept until her eye exam. Because of that I kept her home Wednesday.

Wednesday was a bit of a circus.  Phil was in and out, since that is his off day and school day.  We ate lunch out, that was awesome.  Thank you to the givers of Frisch’s valentines.  Lunch for kiddos was freeo.  Yes freeo, I told you word vomit time.

Thursday ended up being really rough.  Haylie had girl scouts, I made a phone call I had to make, but it wasn’t easy and it was bad.  I”m sorry that was, but it had be said.  After that I was emotionally spent and laid in bed the rest of the night feeling like a bad guy.

Today is Friday and nothing planned.  I have cleaning I should do.  Blog work I should do, I’m kind of doing right now.  I have paid bills. Thank God.  I hate doing the budget.  It’s worse than cleaning.  Money sucks.  But it must be dealt with.  The weekend should be the norm.  Saturday grocery shopping with mommy and daddy (I hope, I know Daddy has to fix his truck) and then Sunday church.  Then its back to the weekly cleaning routine and dealing with kiddo’s routine. So that is the week review.

New things in my life that I haven’t really shared is: My TV Watcher blog is picking up a bit.  Because of it I had an opportunity fall into my lab. I am now a webmaster for a company, TVFilmNews, working on a fansite.  There is little to no money involved but it still is really cool.  I’m running the Agents of Shield fansite. It’s a ton of work.  It was a lot to learn, but it is basically an online portfolio of my writing.  It’s a form of journalism.  No it isn’t falling into the once upon a dream category.  It isn’t exactly the quote on quote ideal, but it is a stepping stone for freelance writing.  It’s a door opener.  It keeps me writing.  It helps give me a name.  It’s saying hey, I had to work from home, and I did this.
With my TV Watcher blog I have really just done one thing, TV reviews for shows I watch.  It’s not been deadline oriented, but I’m trying new things.  I’m writing on TV issues.  I have this one idea toying in my mind.  But its doing something and because of it, and the social networking I’ve been doing I caught the eye of this company, and now have a fansite.  Who knows what doing those two things will open.  I’m excited. And now that all that is said.  Check out the blog, the fansite.  Give me some feedback if you want.

Other things I’m walking about: I haven’t read anything recently.  It’s so sad.  I love reading.  But I just don’t during the day and when it’s bedtime, and I want to read, my head, eyes or something is hurting and I can’t focus.  I worry that I hurt so much.  But I don’t have the time outside of the home to get into the doctors or a chiropractor.  It doesn’t help the hurting when I take a huge fall.
Yup I fell last night.  I was trying to step over the baby gate and my foot caught it, I ended falling through the gate, hitting the floor so hard I bounced and hit again.  My head hit the table bench, high chair and the floor.  I’m pretty banged up.  I not happy about that.  I was on the phone with sissy when that happened.  Yea, freaked her out.  I’m sorry I freaked you out, it just really hurt.
I’m trying really hard to potty train Lucas, but her really has no interest in it.  I have no patience for it.  But I’m so sick of diapers. I’m so sick of pull ups and I’m so sick of cleaning the pee when I put him in underwear.  Haylie would sit on the potty until she went.  Lucas has no interest in being anywhere near it.
Lucas also has this really mean face whenever he goes potty in the underwear, like “woman, you let me wet myself,” and frankly it’s not okay.

Well I’m hungry now and need to eat breakfast.  So

that is all.


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  1. I will be back up in May, hopefully we can get the help for some pain during that time.. until then, praying and sending gentle hugs.


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