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How I met my Husband.

For your Valentine reading pleasure: How I met my Husband.

I wish I could say that there was a moment in time where I can pinpoint meeting Phillip.  But I have to say there isn’t.  There isn’t a stand out moment that says: ah, I met him there.

What I can say is that Phil and I went to the same schools growing up, had common friends and common classes.  My junior year of high school we were in the same class together.  I saw him every day.  He was the boy who sat at the table with his hat off and his cell phone at his knee.  I knew he didn’t take that class seriously or do any work for it.  I was working at Gold Star Chili at the time and one night on his way home from work.  I guess he did it somewhat often.  I really don’t remember.  But this particular night he asked for my friend, Samantha’s number.

This wasn’t out of the norm; I was the phone book most of my childhood for most of my friends.  They’d call me to find out someone else’s number.  He and I exchanged numbers for texting purposes and he was off.

Phil and I texted a few times about Sam and when that relationship fuzzed out I stopped texting him.  There was no need.  I was the go between in something that wasn’t happening so I stopped texting and moved on to the next teenager thing.

I went on with my life and he his.  I don’t recall talking to him anymore until right before my senior year in high school. I had ended a horrendous relationship (another story for another time) and sworn off men. In my mind, I just needed to get through my senior year of high school, and then I’d be at college and could meet a man there.  Start my life there.

So imagine my surprise when I was having one of the worse possible nights of my life at Gold Star Chili when Katie, that night’s server, came back and said, “Umm, Phil Justice wants to see you.”

This was probably the worst night of my life. (Well up to that point anyway.) I was the third person on the shift, not the number one of two servers, cooker but the busser.  I had dish-pan hands.  I was in a bad mood and I wanted to just scream. So I was surprised that anyone wanted to see me.

 I go out to the booth that he and his friends are in and I don’t even see his friends, all I see is him and we are talking.  But all I can do is complain about the fact that I was the busser and all I’ve done is wash dishes all night long. I can’t remember doing anything but complain about my job at that moment.  Why he wanted to keep talking to me I don’t know, but he did until I told him I have to get back to work.  So I then went back to the back to and wash more dishes.
When he goes to pay I make sure I cash him out. And when we do talk he asks why I don’t text him anymore. I tell him it’s because I’d didn’t know I was supposed to and he says I should. In retrospect it wasn’t very smooth at all, but at the moment I loved it. He walks out and I rush to my phone and immediately text him.

And that was how he and I started our relationship and from there we have been on a crazy long ten-year journey since then. That was august of 2003 and now it is Valentines of 2014. Ten long years I’ve been with that man and I have to say that even though we have had a ton of ups and downs I have the best man I could have possibly picked. He is super loving and wonderful to me. I am blessed to have him as my husband and as the father of my children. I can’t believe our wedding anniversary for eight years was this past December. I just can’t believe we have survived that long. It has been a wonderful journey and I can’t wait to be with him ten more years. I can’t believe in the eight years of marriage we have lived in two states. Had three children and bought one house. It’s a crazy idea to commit to spending your entire life to one person and it isn’t’ easy to do. You have to work at marriage and I love that I have him to have that life with. I can’t image doing it with anybody else.

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