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A Hurley's Journey of Faith

January 11, 2014

Psalm 19:14

The scripture says each word and thought needs to be pleasing to God.  To keep our thoughts so close to God that it is pleasing.  Lisa says this is something that she struggles with and if we are being honest so do I.  There are so many thoughts that are hurtful, negative and mean that I don’t share.  From ew, that top too much worse; thoughts I’m ashamed of.
I watch my words carefully, I try so ever hard to say the right things at all time, and it’s only in the privacy of my own home that I voice some of my less than great thoughts.  But that’s shameful, and right here and now I’m asking God to forgive me of those cruel thoughts.

I’ve set a goal to always be kind with my words, and that also helps with yesterday’s devotion of showing…

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