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typical end of the year/new year post.

Here is the typical end of the year/new year post.

I know it’s a bit late, but I’m still within the first ten days of January.


This Christmas was special because it was the first one in forever that was spent in my own home. It was also Randy’s first Christmas.  We had four events and all of them were a good time.


As usual we went to Kim’s on Christmas Eve, but unlike normal the task of dinner fell on me.  Only because I offered to help after my mother in law had gotten sick and spent time in the hospital. That task wasn’t hard but it was easy either.  Mostly just stressful because I didn’t want to disappoint anyone.  The night was good, the kids b fit so many toys, the always do.

The night went by without incident, so that was good. If there was any incident I am unaware and I am going to keep it that way.


The first morning in our home was such fun.  Hearing Haylie run into the living room and see what Santa had left her and her brothers. It was nice waking up in our own beds, in our home.  Only one other time have we done that and that was when Haylie was two.  Santa brought the kids so much stuff and they seemed to be happy, so.  That was when Phil and I exchanged gifts, we normally do so a week before Christmas or so.  Having a home where our family is spectacular.


Since we didn’t sleep at mom’s this year we had to get dressed and go over there which was new.  And we were late.  But this was the first year that we had to do it with three kids.  We did our  traditional brunch, which was fabulous.  Country ham, bacon, sausage, rolls, eggs, and coffee cake, I swear I gained five pounds just looking at it.  Again the kids got so many toys, the always make out.

I loved the sign Becky and Tyler got for us.  I can’t wait to find a place for it to be hung.  It’s so beautiful and will look so good against my blue paint.

The day went by without incident, so that was good. If there was any incident I am unaware and I am going to keep it that way.

Grandma Knight’s:

This was the first year in many that we were table to go to Christmas at grandma’s house.  As much as it was the same as always, it was different.  It was a pleasant family get together, no bloodshed, so that is good.  There were presents and food. And good times,especially the cassette tape of Kelly and Jeana singing and rapping.  That was a fond set of memories.

The day went by without incident, so that was good. If there was any incident I am unaware and I am going to keep it that way.

All in all, Christmas was a good time.  I can’t believe how much my kids got, how loved they are.  It’s a blessing.

New Year Eve:

I spent this particular year at my home with my family. We(at the total last-minute) invited some family over to have snacks and play board games.  That was fun. I played risk until just before the clock stuck midnight, and when it did I toasted white grape juice with my family and kissed my husband.  I love listing my husband at midnight, starting the new year with a show of affection. We had great snacks and great company.  I’m thankful for two things with this, the fact we were with our family and the fact we were at our home to do it.  I love that we are home owners.


-Write everyday

-Read daily, finishing twelve books

-blog weekly

-loose twenty pounds

-Wear dresses more often

-work on bucket list

-be a better person and Christian

-be a better friend

Past year review:

The year 2013 was the year that we finally came back home. I have to say that I was happy to have completed a resolution from 2012/2013 goals, we moved out of the apartment.  That has been the second biggest change for us last year.  Buying a house was one of the most difficult and stressful things we have ever done.  Working out the logistics of it was exhausting.  But we survived it.  And I love our home.

The  biggest change was having our third child, a second son, Randall James.  Going from a family of three to four was strange when Lucas was born and I really hasn’t ever gotten used to that change and we already were having to go from four to five.  But it has been the greatest blessing ever.  A huge change but a good change.

Those were the two biggest changes of my life this past year. Another change was I took over the hallelujah party.  I planned it and every thing.  Which was a huge deal for me.

There were about a million memories made. It was a very stressful year because of the move. But a very good year.  I am looking forward to 2014.  I’m going to try hard to have a great year.



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